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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Revelation by Allison Grant

Revelation by Allison Grant
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary; Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Greer’s roommate, Brooke, is missing. A threatening phone message implies that she may be in terrible trouble. When handsome law student and the super's son, Salvador, learns about the strange incidents, he determines to keep Greer safe at all costs.

A body turns up outside the small University town where Greer and Brooke both grew up. It quickly becomes clear that the town is not a picture of academic bliss. It seems that more people have motives for silencing Brooke than there are people to miss her. As Greer uncovers this tangled web of deception and university politics, she not only has to speculate on Brooke’s choices of relationships, but on many of her own.

While Greer and Salvador search out the truth, Greer’s mother busily pushes the two of them together. And it’s working; they are growing ever closer. But will Salvador be able to keep Greer safe from the murderer?

Revelation by Allison Grant is a super romantic/murder mystery with a dash of suspense.

Lovely twenty-something Greer is a competent accountant for one of the big accounting houses, and she is perfectly appropriate to the corporate world from very fibers of her terrifically apropos grey suit. However, it seems the corporate world is quite though with her. On the heels of her suddenly jobless state, she accidentally discovers a threat made against her alarmingly missing room-mate, Brooke.

From friend Mavis from work to Brooke the intriguingly missing room-mate to Greg the departed and untraceable boyfriend to the super in her building and most especially to Salvador, the super's hulking nephew, there are a lot of characters introduced in the first chapters. Following all, and remembering a couple is a tiny bit of a challenge at the start, but they quickly sort themselves out into quite an intriguing cast of characters. Later characters, like her Mom and various university staff all seem more individualistically introduced. Among the lot of them, sorting out the good from the bad is the challenge; as it is for Greer, who is also in the midst of a major life change.

Salvador is big, handsome, and helpful. He is also smooth, as he proves when charming Greer's mother. He's also a help tracing the missing Brooke, who Greer realizes she never knew as well as she thought…but is she thinking about the motives of other people in helping her? There is, after all, a murderer loose… and you will so want to remind Greer of that, as she turns up potential motives and manages to annoy an entire university.

The setting in Halifax and Nova Scotia general is a bit different and occasionally delightful. The rather visceral impact of the first person point of view really works to heighten suspense in this tale. And, there are certainly some lighter moments (especially in Greer's mom's dedication to matchmaking!) This is unpredictable, enjoyable, and quite beautifully written.