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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moon Madness by Mina Carter

Moon Madness by Mina Carter
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary; Paranormal
Length: Short story
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Lilac

It's never easy staying ahead of the pack when hunting for the right man.

Penny Stephens is a wolf with problems. She's contended with her wild side all her life, but it's about to catch up with her. She needs a mate who can love the woman and tame the wolf within.

Not just any wolf will do.

Lone wolf Cade Steele could be the one to fill her needs. He's wolf enough to match her animal instinct, and perhaps enough of a gentleman to satisfy her feminine side. As a mated pair, her bed might become part of his territory, but her heart is another matter.

More than love is at stake in this call of the wild.

Warning: Paranormal geeks, a sexy loner and hot sex (oh, and chocolate cake).

A fast-paced paranormal romance, “Moon Madness” tells the story of Penny Stephens, a wolf on the run, and Cade Steele, a lone wolf determined to keep her safe. Penny is in heat and is running for her life from a pack of fellow wolves, who know her condition. Determined to get through the difficult time alone while searching for the perfect mate, Penny makes plans. But those plans change when Cade catches up to her. Rogue wolf Cade is just as determined to keep Penny safe and help her through her time of need. Cade just might be what Penny is looking for to fulfill and satisfy her needs, but she is reluctant to give him her heart. And when Penny’s past catches up to them it could spell trouble for the pair.

This is a sexy and at times violent story about two people finding love while fighting for their lives. I really enjoyed the chemistry and relationship that Penny and Cade shared and felt for them as they faced the wolves looking for them. Penny and Cade made an interesting couple, both strong in their own ways and able to share that strength with one another. The action of the story kept me enthralled as I wondered what would happen next and I enjoyed watching things play out in what felt like a battle of good versus evil. Moon Madness was a good read that I happily recommend.