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Monday, January 5, 2009

A Man She Couldn't Forget by Kathryn Shay

A Man She Couldn't Forget by Kathryn Shay
Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Review by Hibiscus

Clare Boneli has felt like a stranger to herself ever since the night an accident took her memory. The night she made a choice between two very different men.

Both Brady Langston and Jonathan Harris are good men. But their versions of her are so opposite, it's as if she's two different people. One man holds her career future and one man seems to hold her heart. Because when she's with Brady everything feels so true, so right. As she moves closer to the truth about that fateful night, Clare has to choose again. To stick with the life she's made for herself. Or listen to what her heart's been trying to tell her…

What a fantastic book. I found myself thoroughly engrossed by the story in A Man She Couldn't Forget. As I read, I kept thinking about the television show Samantha Who? and her retrograde amnesia along with the movie Regarding Henry, which the book refers to. Ms Shay did a fabulous job of research when it came to her subject matter. Not only about the subject of amnesia but also in regard to the recipes used as Clare cooked.

I liked the character of Clarissa Boneli. As I learned more about her, I truly began to care for her and her life. I hoped that she would continue to be nice and not go back to snubbing her family and friends. I wanted her to continue to pick her home life and what I thought was her ultimate happiness with her friends as opposed to her work and ambitions for a national television show. I liked how Clare was naturally drawn to Brady and how she learns of their friendship.

I thought Brady Langston was a dreamboat. He did everything for Clare after she had amnesia. When I learned how she had treated him previously, I was surprised that he let his love for her show in everything he did for her. Brady was a little too good to be true at times. I don't know how he was able to hold back pushing Clare for a more intimate relationship or pressing his advantage when Jonathan wasn't around. He not only loved Clare but he was a true friend through the entire story.

I thought Jonathan Harris was true to the character written for him. He loved Clare and wanted to do whatever he could to further her career and her life with him. Jonathan is not only rich and handsome but he is privileged and it shows in all that he does. I think Jonathan's only fault is that he wants Clarissa to marry him and he doesn't want to wait for her to regain her memory or share her with anyone.

I found all the characters to be fully fleshed out and a vital part of the story whether they were a main character or a minor one. Little Donny Kramer played as important of a role in the story as Lillian or Lucinda. Anna Summers, as Clare's doctor, is the perfect psychiatrist. As I said before, I could see the amount of research that went into this story.

I enjoyed the references throughout the book about contemporary times. There were references to J K Rowling, Paula Dean and even Wicked. These made the story more relevant for me and the recipes sounded delicious. Ms. Shay states on her livejournel that they are her own family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and can be found on her website. What a generous gift to give all her readers.

I recommend reading this wonderful story about second chances, friends and lovers. I know A Man She Couldn't Forget is one story that I won't forget anytime soon.