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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Magic Knot by Helen Scott Taylor

The Magic Knot by Helen Scott Taylor
Publisher: Dorchester
Genre: Contemporary; Fantasy
Length: Full
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Lilac

What woman wouldn’t be attracted to Niall O’Connor’s soft Irish brogue and dark good looks? But Rosenwyn Tremain must find her father, and she isn’t going to let a sexy, stubborn Irishman and his motorcycle distract her. Rose’s intuition tells her he’s hiding something, a secret even the cards cannot divine. Her tarot deck always reads true, but how can one man represent both Justice and Betrayal?

Magic. Niall’s body tingles with it when he finds the woman snooping in his room. Rosenwyn might believe she’s a no-nonsense accountant, but her essence whispers to him of ancient fairy magic that enslaves even as it seduces. Her heritage could endanger those he’d die to protect, but her powers and her passion, if properly awakened, might be the only thing that can save both their families, vanquish a fairy queen bent on revenge, and fulfill a prophecy that will bind their hearts together with…THE MAGIC KNOT

The Magic Knot is a magical tale filled with interesting beings from leprechauns to fairies and its spellbinding plot captures the reader’s attention as you wonder what will happen next.

Niall O’Connor only wants to protect his sister from a vengeful fairy queen, but to do so he needs the assistance of the local Druid. When the Druid requests Niall bring a newly arrived fairy to him, Niall sees no problem with that task…that is until he meets the fairy. Niall is intrigued by the newcomer, but knows she is a complication he doesn’t need.

Rosenwyn Tremain’s work has brought her to Cornwall, but she hopes to kill two birds with one stone and find her father while on her trip. Intrigued by Niall and others that she meets, Rose consults her Tarot cards to help her learn more about them. She is both surprised and confused by what the cards tell her as it seems Niall has some secrets he is keeping from her. As Rose learns more about her own heritage, she finds more than she bargained for and soon finds herself in a fight to save not only her long lost family but also Niall’s family.

The Magic Knot is a wonderful story filled with many twists that I couldn’t put down. Just when I thought I knew what would happen, something else would, surprising me.

Rose and Niall’s relationship was filled with ups and downs, but they share a bond that is undeniable. It was interesting to see them work through their difficulties and overcome their stubbornness. Both were willing to sacrifice so much for one another, which really touched me. They made a wonderful hero and heroine as both were strong characters who were perfect for one another.

But not only did the author provide us with interesting main characters, but the story also has well-crafted secondary characters that intrigued me as well as we got to know a bit more about them. I longed to know more about the mysterious Nightshade and Niall’s brother, Michael. They both practically screamed for stories of their own. In fact, there were several secondary characters that I would love to know more about.

I could easily believe that a world such as the one in The Magic Knot existed as I learned and more about the beings and legends of the magical beings. The author did a wonderful job of bringing these characters and their world to life.

I highly recommend this story for anyone looking for a fun, fascinating, and magical read.