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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Loving Anna by Zequeatta Jaques

Loving Anna by Zequeatta Jaques
Publisher: Siren BookStrand
Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy
Length: Full
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Orchid

Anna didn't believe in UFOs or life on other planets until one fateful summer evening when she and her brother, Andrew, learned from the loving couple who have raised them that they are descendants of not only their human parents, but of a people from another world. Anna and Andrew, shocked and stunned by the revelation, must follow their hearts.

Join them on their cosmic journey as they travel from earth to another world and enter a turbulent time in which decisions made lead them to heartache, loss, and eventual understanding that love conquers all.

Anna is stunned to find the people who fostered her and her brother are from the planet of Gar. The people of Gar are unable to breed with their own kind but they can breed with humans from earth. Anger overcomes Anna’s astonishment when she finds she and her sibling are two of several people born to mate with the people of Gar and start to populate a new planet. Informed that a spaceship is coming to pick them up, Anna refuses to go unless her best friend Charlee can come too. Reluctantly her foster parents agree and the extended family beam up to the spaceship and the journey begins.

While the other half human, half Gar people will get their mates ordained by the High Commander, Anna has been specially bred to mate with the High Commander Traun. Her anger evaporates when she meets Traun, who she decides is drop dead gorgeous. So begins the volatile relationship which is not helped by Traun’s ex mistress, who joins the group sent to the new world.

Every time Anna made up her mind to be the lifemate Traun expects his position as High Commander came between them. Another stumbling point was Avreen, Traun’s ex-mistress, who was determined to rekindle their affair and take Traun for her own.

How can a young woman from South Dakota cope with a new planet, an unknown lifemate and a jealous woman? The wormhole back to Earth has closed so Anna must work out a way to deal with her problems.

I enjoyed reading this book. It grabbed my interest from the beginning, and as I turned the pages I wasn’t disappointed. Anna and Traun were obviously meant for each other, but many things interfered. The story developed in unexpected ways. Every time Anna, Traun and their extended family thought they had solved their problems, new ones appeared. Alongside their personal difficulties were the hazards of settling a new planet with people who were strangers.

Definitely a book to read if you like fantasy romance novels with a touch of the unusual.