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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Leap of Knowing by Dani Harper

A Leap of Knowing by Dani Harper
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Genre: Contemporary; Paranormal
Length: Short story
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Lilac

Seeing isn't always believing.

Morgan thought she'd outgrown faery tales. Yet the successful veterinarian is hard-pressed to find a scientific explanation for the giant black dog that's following her, or for the powerful — and naked — man who's steaming up her dreams.

Rhys is a proud warrior forced to serve the Fair Ones by heralding the death of mortals. When he meets Morgan Edwards, he's tempted to change her fate. But only by accepting his incredible story can she change his.

Can Morgan learn to see with her heart in time to save the man who has claimed it?

In this story, veterinarian Morgan Edwards is visiting her grandmother’s homeland of Wales when she encounters a mysterious black mastiff and begins having some heated and vivid dreams featuring a mystery lover. Once home in the states, Morgan is surprised to see the same animal as it comes to her rescue. Instinct tells her to welcome the dog into her home despite his mysterious appearance.

Once a warrior, Rhys was forced by the Fair Ones to become a dog and the harbinger of death. His presence was meant to mean the end of Morgan’s life, but from the moment he meets her he is tempted to intervene to change her fate. Now, Morgan can change his fate if only she can accept his story and the naked man that suddenly appears in her home.

This was a wonderfully touching story featuring fascinating characters. I really liked Rhys and felt for him as he longs to be human again. Meeting Morgan changes him as he vows to be her protector no matter what his form. He is a loyal and strong character.

Morgan, a skeptic, was in for a big surprise when Rhys shared his story and the fact that the dog was actually him. She doesn’t believe his story, which is something I could completely understand. Her skepticism helped to make her character more realistic as she didn’t buy everything she was being told immediately.

I really enjoyed the fantasy aspects of the story with the Fair Ones and the legends. They helped to make the story fun and interesting. And a little twist at the end really surprised me and made me smile.

"A Leap of Knowing" is a wonderful tale full of magic and romance.