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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the Brief Eternal Silence by Rebecca Melvin

In the Brief Eternal Silence by Rebecca Melvin
Publisher: Double Edge Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Camellia

Enter into the world of the Duke of St. James in Victorian England, 1863. . .

Lizzie Murdock has heard of this Duke, derisively known as merely 'St. James' in an ironic twist to the title he holds versus his lifestyle known to be anything but saintly. The fact that he is rich and once considered 'the catch of the decade' holds no attractions for her.

When he offers her an astounding proposal, she is more offended than flattered and vows to rebuff his determined advances. Little does she know that their continued sparring over her future will lead to the revelation that he believes he won't be sharing in it for very long. "I simply believe there is a very good possibility that you shall become a widow at an extremely young age," he tells her. "Now doesn't that make the prospect of marrying me much more pleasant?"

With those words, Lizzie is sucked into his world, a world where one would expect to find a self-centered man enjoying privilege and ease, but where instead she finds a man of uncommon character fighting for his life and prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for those he loves.

With her involvement will come consequences that neither of them can foresee, and an arranged proposal meant to flush out evil produces much more until their very survival will depend upon their love for each other.

Terrible, intriguing, entwined events from years past rule Duke Dante St. James. He walks with the dead as he mingles with meanest of society while seeking VENGEANCE.

Sara Elizabeth (Lizzie) Murdock, the daughter of a dysfunctional widowed squire, finds herself a pawn in the deadly game St. James plays to lure his enemies into the open. While “her serenity washes over him [St. James] like a healing balm…,” she also disrupts his life mightily.

In the Brief, Eternal Silence is a spellbinding story full of manipulation and covert activities that affect the lives of many as St. James’ twenty-three search come to fruition.

The secondary characters, so vital to the plot, are well developed and come alive with Mrs. Melvin’s superb style of writing. From the ragtag messenger boy Steven, to the incomparable grandmother, these characters illicit an emotional response from the reader in diverse ways as they play their parts in this grand drama of vengeance.

In the Brief, Eternal Silence is excellent reading as the reader sees St. James come to realization that justice encompasses doing the right thing for everyone involved, not just a means by which to assuage one’s own grief. As the plot unfolds, he finds he no longer needs Lizzie to reach his original goal, but “he wants her infinitely”.

This is a happy-ever-after story to be read and enjoyed more than once – a good one for the library shelf.