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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Highlander of Her Own

A Highlander of Her Own by Melissa Mayhue
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Pocketbooks
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Time Travel
Length: Full Length
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Camellia

TEXAS, PRESENT DAY. Ellie Denton's world has spiraled out of control. A strange new birthmark, animals talking to her, and her mother's ex-husband laying claim to the family ranch have her thinking life can't get more complicated. But Ellie doesn't know the birthmark's connection to her Faerie ancestors. Complicated takes on a whole new meaning with her innocent wish to find her true love.

SCOTLAND, 1304. Caden MacAlister has more trouble than he can handle. With his brother held for ransom and the laird missing, the last thing he needs is another problem. But the Fae have other plans. A mysterious woman shows up in his stables, sent by Faerie Magic to find her true love. Fighting his attraction, Caden insists she's meant for one of his brothers. With his history, he has no desire for a woman in his life -- especially a woman sent by the Fae.

Only the magic of the Fae can determine whether Ellie will find a Highlander of her own...

Auspicious, not a trip to miss! After a prologue about happenings long ago in the Realm of the Faerie, Melissa Mayhue takes us for a brief stop at Dun Ard, Scotland in 1395 before introducing us to Ellie Denton in Prairieland, Texas present time.

Before Ellie realizes she’s a daughter of The Frae and that “Words are Magic”, she sits by a muddy river in Texas trying to sort out her life while watching the distant lightening. She hears, “I grant you all you ask. And more.”

Unwittingly she makes a wish that lands her in a barn with a wounded deerhound in 14th century Scotland. Here, Caden, who has sworn off women, finds her when he comes to kill the dog. From this point, we are propelled into life in Scotland during the time when King Edward warred against the Scots and vice versa. While the fighting is influential in the story, the focus is on the inhabitants and life at Dun Ard.

A HIGHLANDER OF HER OWN brims with everyday events as Ellie and Caden (with the help of Rosalyn) face and overcome a multitude of obstacles – some violent and scary while others are full of fun.

Baby, Missy, Anna, and Rosalyn are marvelous characters. They guide, manipulate, befriend, and come to love Ellie who seems to “act first, think later”.

Melissa Mayhue’s smooth, unobtrusive style of writing creates an atmosphere that lets the reader feel as if she is in the 14th century with Ellie and Caden as they find their way to a HAPPY-EVER-AFTER.