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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Highland Captive by Hannah Howell

Highland Captive by Hannah Howell
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Historical
Length: Full
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Hibiscus

The windswept of Scottish Highlands hold great beauty, but also great danger. So when Aimil Mengue is abducted by a feuding clan, she is right to fear for her life - and her virtue. For Aimil's keeper is the infamous warrior Parlan MacGuin. Aimil sets out to hate him, but Parlan is more honourable - and infinitely more alluring - than expected. Parlan's gentle touch soon convinced her she would not be physically harmed, but his wildly thrilling kisses told her that her heart was in grave danger. Though betrothed to another, Aimil cannot deny her startling desire for the man who holds her captive...

Parlan MacGuin knows well his reputation as a fierce warrior, he uses it to claim land and lovers. Parlan had made it clear he meant to possess both Aimil and her magnificent white stallion, Elfking. But beautiful Aimil is a different type of conquest. Now Parlan feels an unfamiliar longing for the woman he keeps at ransom as their forbidden passion threatens to spark an unstoppable blood feud - or forever fill their hearts...

Highland Captive is the reissue of 1990’s Elfking’s Lady. I enjoyed this delightful story that was in the style I have come to expect from Ms. Howell. Highland Captive is the story of Aimil, Parlan MacGuin and a horse named Elfking.

Aimil is a strong character who doesn’t let her spirits get down even when she is being imprisoned in a dungeon for weeks with her injured brother, Leith. She fights with her captors to try to get Leith care while she keeps her identity hidden. Unfortunately for Aimil, her identity is revealed and her heart is lost when she meets The Black Parlan.

Parlan MacGuin is the standard, tall, dark and handsome Highlander that I’ve come to love from Ms. Howell. Often misunderstood and mistaken as a mean, unmerciful, evil laird, Parlan is kind and considerate with Aimil and her brother Leith. His quick wit and ingenious plans for Aimil had me smiling through the entire story. I loved how he devised and carried out his plan to have his cake and eat it too.

Yes, I know that some parts of the book are unrealistic. Who, in their right mind, would give up their virtue just to keep a horse? But this is a light, humorous, romantic read that is not to be taken very seriously. This is not a deep, historically accurate account of the times but a delightfully fun book that I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed.

I can’t wait for more releases of Ms. Howell’s older stories so I may get the chance to enjoy the stories I may have missed or was unable to read previously.