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Monday, January 5, 2009

Ghostly Mistakes by Mary Alice Pritchard

Ghostly Mistakes by Mary Alice Pritchard
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary; Paranormal
Length: Full
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 books
Reviewd by Eglantine

Lizzy planned to make this mission short and sweet, but thanks to her client, Carl Taylor's inability to provide details, it looks as if she was in for an extended adventure. A dangerous farmer with buried secrets, and the zealous accusations of a lady's church group keep her on her toes. If all this isn't enough to complicate her task, her growing attraction to the highway patrolman who caught her speeding, adds spice to the brew. If she doesn't solve the puzzle left in her hands, she could find herself stuck with Carl for life. Oh, did I mention he isn't a paying customer? Well, being a ghost does limit your financial abilities.

Lizzy Gordon has a problem. Or rather, recently deceased Carl has a problem, and he’s dumped it on her. Lizzy can see ghosts, and they can latch on to her to help them resolve whatever issues keep them from moving on to the next world. Grumbling and fed up, Lizzy has no other choice but to travel to backwoods Belzoni, Mississippi, to find Carl’s great-grandmother’s lost grave. As if poking about with a whining, ripening dead guy hanging around and shielding from malevolent spirits isn’t enough, a sexy highway patrolman takes an interest in Lizzy.

Officer Jacob Wildhorse’s spirit guide told him a big change in his life is approaching. He can’t afford to have his attention consumed by the nervous woman poking around the old graveyard. Though he’s sure she’s hiding something, and Jacob can’t resist getting to know her better. Just to find out what she’s up to, of course.

Yeah, right.

But the near-forgotten graveyard borders on the land of a suspected criminal. Lizzy senses another spirit in an unmarked grave, and the stakes are raised to more than Carl’s peace of mind. Lizzy’s life is in danger. She might have no choice but to trust Jacob with her secret if she is to survive.

What a joy to read such a fantastic book in e-format. Ms Pritchard draws the reader in from the get-go, effectively painting the word-picture of a character with quite a complex life. She handles backstory in an excellent manner, never taking away from the immediacy of the unfolding of the tale. Her characters - dead and living - are well filled, clear and real. The writing style is light but compelling, and held my interest throughout.

The plot developed at a brisk pace, not so fast that the reader is left behind, but not so slowly that you skip pages to just get to the point. There are twists and turns enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, and the denouement was exciting and satisfying. Get out your e-wallet and go buy this book. You won’t be disappointed.

As an aside, I must give kudos to The Wild Rose Press for becoming an e-publisher I can trust. The work I’ve seen from them has been consistently of a reasonable quality.