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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gallimore by Michelle Griep

Gallimore by Michelle Griep
Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing
Genre: Historical; Paranormal
Length: Full
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Orange Blossom

Jessica Neale's faith is lost the day of her husband's death, and with it, her belief in love. In a journey to find peace, she encounters a gentle, green-eyed stranger who leads her to the ruins of the medieval castle, Gallimore.

On his way to battle, Colwyn Haukswyrth, knight of Gallimore, comes face to face with a storm the likes of which he's never seen, and a woman in the midst of it who claims to live centuries in the future. The Lady Jessica of Neale is an irksome, provoking bit of woman to be sure. And she's about to turn his beliefs on end.

The product of a family rooted in pain and evil, Colwyn has focused on naught but himself—until Jessica. To a mysterious prophecy stitched on a tapestry, through the invasion of Gallimore itself, Colwyn and Jessica are bound together by a lesson in forgiveness and love—a bond that might be strong enough to survive the grave.

Castles, battle-hardened knights, time travel and a bit of the supernatural—what’s not to love about this book??

It didn’t take but a few pages to get sucked into this story. The author has an easy, readable style that draws you in from the get-go. Terrifically developed characters, spot on historical elements, and a story with a message attached. I loved it!

Both Jessica and Colwyn come into this story with baggage but not so much that it bogs the reader down. It only made them more interesting and approachable. I enjoyed the supernatural elements drizzled throughout the story. It brought out the horrific nature of the villain and also a means for bringing the hero and heroine together.

Beautiful, beautiful story although there was a certain suddenness to the ending. (Perhaps I wanted to see more of these characters) Regardless of that, it is one of the most passionate and sensual Inspirational romances I’ve ever read and so beautifully written. If you like fantasy or historical, this is a must read!