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Friday, January 16, 2009

Fueled by Instinct by Rebecca Savage

Fueled by Instinct by Rebecca Savage
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary; Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

The Hero:
Lane’s out for justice. He witnessed a horrible crime, the murder of Devin’s parents. So, he agrees to pretend to go into the Federal Witness Protection Program to set up and capture a mole within the ranks of the FBI. In the process, he finds himself captured…and captivated.

The Heroine:
Devin’s out for revenge. Her parents were murdered, and the only man who can help her avenge them just happens to be the most gorgeous hunk of a man she’s ever seen. She joins forces with Lane, pretending to be on the run from the mole’s hit men, but really they’ve set a trap…and Devin's become entrapped…by Lane.

The Villain:
The mole. He wants revenge, too, but for a different reason. Lane captured a hit on film, one his father arranged, and now the mole wants to make sure Lane never makes it to the witness stand to testify. Even if he has to kill Devin, too.

Murder is the prime motivator at the start of Savage’s Fueled by Instinct. Lovely Devin Elizabeth Ladue, vacationing FBI agent, is out to revenge the murder of her parents. Witness and simply knock-down gorgeous Lane Steelman is out to help solve the crime. Fueled by Instinct kicks off with more than its share of dry-mouthed suspense as Devin and Lane end up joining forces, whether that course of action be wise or not.

One hot summer romance probably won’t lead anywhere, so Devin resists temptation and tries to keep her mind focused on her goal. It helps that she believes Lane to be somewhat less than sincere, whatever physical attributes he happens to possess. It doesn’t help that she ends up entangled with him so physically; all in the line of duty, of course!

Lane has just as many doubts about her; maybe more. But then, there is that ‘primal, animalistic, and elemental attraction’ that they both succumb to, even as they each firmly decide against it. Lane is admirable, heroic, and incredibly attractive, but you can’t blame him for being put off by that tough outer exterior. After all – lovely Devin is an FBI agent.

There are many moments of suspense here, as Devin and Lane go after ‘the bad guy.’ There are threats, hints, clues, and assorted decisions made to resolve the earlier crime. They both know, or think they know, that the local mayor is at the center of the crime, but getting to him will prove dangerous.

More suspenseful is the tension between the two main characters, as they each struggle with their feelings for one another, assorted self-doubts, and trust issues. These conflicts are well done and suspenseful, if perhaps a little overdone. One wants to shout ‘all right already – how old are you?’ in a couple places, but then again, frustration is exactly what the main characters are feeling, too.

Dialogue was plausible, the characters well presented, and the sexual interaction more than satisfying. This is not a typical suspense, nor yet a murder mystery, and anyone expecting either of those might be disappointed. However, romance enthusiasts will enjoy this one.