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Friday, January 2, 2009

Forever Faith by Ginger Simpson

Forever Faith by Ginger Simpson
Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical
Length: Short
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Review by Buttercup

Faith Oliver suffers from a weight problem and has no real beaus in her life. In fact, she’s never been with a man. Maybe that’s why she’s surprised when a delectably handsome male begins to invade her dreams and command her body. Driven to diet to find a boyfriend to replace her hunky dream lover, Faith undergoes hypnotherapy to determine the meaning of her night visions. Her sessions draw her back to another life, to an era far removed…and a strange name she’s heard before.

Faith Marie Oliver is an overweight, single woman who suddenly experiences sensuality with a handsome, and very hot dream lover. In reality, she has never experienced dating or sensual satisfaction in a relationship. For that matter, has never even had a boyfriend. Suddenly her life revolves around going to bed at night so she can spend time with Joshua, her dream lover.

But soon this nocturnal escape from reality grates on her psyche, and Faith looks for ways to analyze what exactly is happening to her. Is she so lonely this is the only way she is able to experience what other woman naturally experience, or is she slowly going mad? Not wanting to risk giving too much away I will just say her research is admirable and the steps she take to get to the bottom of her problem commendable.

Forever Faith pulled me in from the first paragraph. I was drawn to Faith and felt immediate compassion for this insecure woman. Though, I have never been overweight, I could still relate to feelings of inadequacy amongst her peers growing up. I felt a kinship and bond with Faith in the fact that I, too, was never the first picked for games in gym class, nor did I feel I fit in with the many cliques in high school. In essence, I was always an introvert.

Ms. Simpson did a wonderful job creating a bond with the reader and Faith on an emotional level. The only downfall of this very sweet read is the fact that I kept looking for her Joshua to appear in the doctor or possibly someone she comes across within the story, but that never happens. I felt I wanted to experience Faith finding Joshua in reality. The promise is there but it doesn’t come to fruition which left me slightly disappointed with the ending.

This is my second read from Ms Simpson—the first being Chastity’s Charm, which I also enjoyed. Forever Faith is a tenderhearted quick read with a touch of humor, history, and sadness that turns into a hopeful future for a sweet and very endearing woman. Great for lunch time or just a pleasant respite when you have a bit of time to sit down and relax with a good short story.