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Friday, January 23, 2009

Deja Vu Lover by Phoebe Matthews

Deja Vu Lover by Phoebe Matthews
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal, Historical
Length: Full
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Review by Snapdragon

He broke her heart in another lifetime and now he's back. April’s startling visions of 1920s Hollywood include silent film stars, roadsters, glamorous people and places, plus a handsome actor who pursues her. April’s best friends think she is delusional. And then she meets the actor’s charming lookalike in present-day Seattle. Torn between her memories and her new love, April is terrified that she will repeat her past mistakes. Is that her destiny, to love him and lose him throughout eternity?

Phoebe Matthews’ ‘Déjà vu Lover’ takes place in a current Seattle and an historic Hollywood.

April, tormented by a premonition she is convinced might become real, is befuddled from the start. Her best friend and roommate, Cyd and their close but only barely romantic friends Macbeth & Tom all comprise the elements of a family--what April has lacked. She is honestly attached to all. So, the horrible vision with portends of disaster to the only three members of her ‘family’ stops April cold, in the midst of job interviews.

That first vision is barely a taste of what is too come, and soon April is aware of another time. In fact – she is more than aware – she is there! And, the scenes describing this other life are beautifully written and described, so seem utterly believable to the reader. From the milling extras to the rolled up sleeves of the camera man, every detail contributes to April’s new reality; and her new/old love.

The historic setting is enthralling – to say nothing of the man! Matthews’ really nails this, with more than description; conversation and the mores of the day all contribute to the setting. When April’s attentive gentleman Lawrence, starts to select from the menu for her, you’ll have déjà vu yourself. Yet nothing is quite so easy as only making a choice; and you will be as torn as the main character. The intrigue only grows as we realize Lawrence faces problems himself.

The dialogue is snappy and believable. The main character adorable – with an unexpected inner core of strength. Written in the first person and unusually paced, “Déjà vu Lover” is unequivocally intriguing. In this thoroughly unpredictable romance, It just doesn’t matter if you aren’t much into paranormal or not into history – the story will take you there, as magically as it moves April . Treat yourself to a fast and very original read!