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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Deadly Paradise by Kathleen Mix

Deadly Paradise by Kathleen Mix
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary; Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Camellia

Alicia Kincade’s two-year-old son is onboard her ex-husband’s airplane when it vanishes in the Bermuda Triangle. The authorities find no trace of the airplane and presume they’re dead, but Alicia is determined to continue searching. Brash pilot Jake Dawson accepts a search charter but vows to stay detached from Alicia and her problems. Yet every day he flies over the Bahamas with her by his side puts him closer to losing his objectivity. When clues indicate the boy is alive and mysterious accidents hint someone wants to kill Alicia, Jake resolves to protect her at any cost. He may run from love but not from trouble. Although Alicia refuses to be distracted from her search by Jake’s advances, she must team up with him to stay alive and save her child. Soon they find the danger to their lives is real, but so is the danger to their hearts.

A mother’s love fuels Alicia Kincaide’s determination to find her ex-husband and her baby boy Shawn who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Wealthy, strong-willed, resourceful, controlled, and proper, Alicia is out of her comfort zone in the Bahamas as she searches. Recognizing her limitations, she hires a pilot to help her search.

The pilot, Jake Dawson, a disenchanted human being, is ex-military and is suspicious of rich women after being deceived by one. He helps for the money she offers but tells Alicia a search is a long shot because the authorities have already looked.

Both Jake and Alicia try to keep their distance from each other, but as the days go by they each feel a growing attraction for the other, which brings about emotional upheavals.

As she weaves this tale of suspense and love, Kathleen Mix invites the reader to the beauty of the islands and reveals the vast differences between the native people and the tourists that frequent the islands. The subtle clues mingled with danger and scheming minds of the antagonists keep the reader turning pages. A few of the secondary characters do little to enhance the story and slow it down a bit but only shortly.

Near the climax, as the action rises to a fever pitch, the story is a breath-holding experience. Deadly Paradise takes the reader from the mundane world and into a world where beauty and danger co-exist, uncaring about the human beings who strive for their deepest desire to be realized. The happy-ever-after brings a happy sigh of relief.