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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cupid's Touch

Cupid's Touch by Dana Littlejohn & Kendra Mei Chailyn
Publisher: Lady Leo Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Orchid

In The Master's Arms
By Kendra Mei Chailyn

Rian Sheppard is a big shot Doctor in the present. She is over worked, highly paid and thinks that cupid is being a jerk and passing her over in the love department. She falls asleep at nights praying for that love of her life to come and take her away never in her wildest dreams thinking about what would happen if cupid was actually listening.

Thorne Williamson is the son of plantation owners on the small island of Jamaica and it is the year of our lord 1882. He doesn't want any part of it but his mother wants him to marry and Lady Harrison is only too happy to oblige. He doesn't believe in magic but when he crashes into a new slave that makes his body boil and his heart race, Thorne quickly finds out that what he wants and what cupid wants are two different things. Then human emotions interferes and starts a train wreck that could tear his beloved away from him forever and to save her, he has to set her free.

Reggae Redemption
By Kendra Mei Chailyn

Naina Chambers, a news anchor woman in Jamaica is on top of her game. She works for one of the biggest television stations on the island and life is good. But she has a fascination for the rain and thunder. She's looking for love and after a dream of a mysterious warrior with sad eyes and Jamaica's doom, everything starts going
downhill from there.

In the year 3002 Lokas Mutabaruka is the leader of The Resistance. The only remaining Jamaicans on the island of Jamaica. The island is no longer a paradise because the Black Star Army has taken it over to house the world's most dangerous criminals. Fighting for your life and of those you love is hard enough without love to complicate things. But when a beautiful woman falls from the sky, literally,
and begins lying about who she is, Lokas knows that trouble is coming. Her curves draws him to her and soon he is fighting to keep from falling for her. To make matters worse, a storm is brewing that could destroy them all.

A Stitch in Time
By Dana Littlejohn

Renee Reyes was an elderly woman in her mid 80's. She lived a full life with a good job, many friends and close family members, but she never married or had children of her own. She had never thought of herself as lonely she was just single. One night Cupid came to her in a dream to tell her she missed her chance at true love because she was afraid too take a leap of faith. He wanted to give her a second chance at having her true love, Royce Cole, by her side. Will Renee take the second chance Cupid was offering her or chalk up her lost love as one of life's many lessons learned?

Caught by a Hawk!
By Dana Littlejohn

Icie was the cheif's daughter, princess of the Seneca Indian tribe. Her father told her she must marry the cheif of the Cayuga tribe in order to form a much needed union between the two tribes. Everything she had heard about her future husband was good: he was a strong and fierce warrior, an honorable man and even an experienced lover according to the women in his village, but he was also a man of many years and she did not love him. She wanted to choose her own husband and grow old with him not watch an already old man get older. She was an honorable person and knew her duty, but she had come to terms with the fact that she would be locked into a loveless marriage for the sake of her people. Luckily for Icie Cupid knows that the Cayuga
chief is everything but honorable and he throws her into the path of a Hawk to bring forth her destiny and his.

Cupid’s Touch is an anthology of love stories with Cupid as the link between each story. Cupid is known elsewhere as Cupid, Kamadeva, and Aphrodite but in this book he goes by the name of Srik. There are four stories in this anthology, each one involving time travel to the future or the past.

In the Master’s Arms tells of Dr Rian Sheppard who is unable to find a Prince Charming to whisk her off her feet. Going to bed angry in the middle of a storm she wakes up in Jamaica in 1882. Forced to accept that her skin color makes her a slave, Rian is unable to control her feelings for Thorne Williamson, the white man who owns her. In the days of Jamaican slavery love between master and slave is forbidden. Is their relationship doomed before it’s even begun?

Reggae Redemption is set in the Jamaica of the future. Invaded by troops who wish to make the island their own, abandoned by the Jamaican people who could afford to leave, the remainder of the islanders are left to fight for their freedom or live in the prison camps. Lokas is the leader of the rebels.

Naina Chambers is a news anchor for a TV station, who suddenly finds herself in a future Jamaica. The only thing she recognizes is Lokas, the man of her dreams. With violence exploding around her and the rebels not trusting her, Naina wonders if love between her and Lokas has any chance of succeeding.

A Stitch In Time is Renee’s story. Elderly and single, she tells her friends of the man she met fifty years ago, a man she loved and wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Unfortunately she made a bad decision which she’s regretted for the rest of her life but realizes that not even Cupid can turn back time. However, Cupid (Srik) has other ideas and takes Renee back fifty years to the time of her love affair with Royce. Will Renee make the same mistake again? Or will she take a chance on love?

Caught by a Hawk starts in a Seneca Indian village where the chief’s young daughter Icie is about to marry a much older chief from another tribe. Icie’s intended husband tries to take advantage of her so she escapes into the forest. She finds a cabin in the woods and realizes she has traveled to the future. Hawk, the man living in a cabin is about to lose the land that has been in his family for generations. He has no time to be distracted by a woman he is strongly attracted to. Icie knows this is a man she could give herself to, but for him to accept her, she must help him keep his land.

Although all four stories do not relate to one another, they are all linked together by Srik who speaks with a mischievous voice, which at times turns serious when he thinks humans are interfering with his plans for the men and women he brings together.

I loved not only the differences in these stories but the similarities as well. Each of the women was searching for love and they found it in totally unexpected places. Four different personalities in situations they were unfamiliar with, and with men they were strongly attracted to. This anthology of time travel stories drew me in from the beginning.

I found Cupid (I didn’t really take to the name of Srik) to be humorous but at the same time slightly arrogant as a god should be. All four women were strong and self sufficient. Rian and Naina were professional women, secure in themselves and their careers. Renee was a competent nurse who was slightly naïve when it came to her love life. Icie as a chief’s daughter was secure in who she was and what she could do.

Time travel, seemingly insurmountable barriers to love, and the god of love overseeing the whole series. What more could you ask for when looking for good romance stories? Definitely a must to read.