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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cloaked in Assassination by Rebecca Savage

Cloaked in Assassination by Rebecca Savage
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Camellia

The Hero:
Hunter’s an ex-Navy SEAL turned Secret Service Agent extraordinaire. He’s never failed a mission, and he doesn’t plan to: especially his mission to conquer Rene’s heart.

The Heroine:

Rene’s an assassin for the CIA who is being blackmailed to kill the current U.S. president, the former presidents, and a candidate in the upcoming election. She has no intention of doing so, but if she doesn’t, her self-proclaimed boss will kill her family…the family whose identity should be anonymous, but has somehow been discovered. She’s been found, identified, and marked, and she’s not having it.

The Villain

Rene’s mysterious ‘boss’ wants the presidents dead and his own candidate to win, for reasons known only to him. He threatens Rene and her family, secure in the belief she’ll do as she’s told. Instead, she sets a trap for him, stages their deaths, and in the process, finds love in the midst of danger.

Adrenaline-pumping, breath-holding action runs rampant in CLOAKED IN ASSASSINATION as Rene Ladue, a CIA assassin, finds herself trapped in an assignment that put her family at risk and goes against her love for her country.

Early on, Rene’s anger is belabored a little too much for me but it does propel the reader into the emotionally charged story that is a real page turner.

Rene, naturally a loner, realizes she must put together a team to set things straight if she is to save her family and not betray her country. Hunter Keller, a former Navy SEAL and secret agent, comes to the fore in her research. She decides to trust him as much as she can bring herself to trust anyone other than herself.

While they work to carry out the mission, their relationship becomes as volatile as the political situation they work to diffuse. Their early sexual encounters are primal, almost animalistic, making one wonder if that kind of out-of-control lust can ever turn to a happy-ever-after love. Their “…chemistry is strange- almost debilitating at times”.

The characters Rebecca Savage creates are a group of former SEALS and secret agents who love what they do, love the danger, the daring, and the winning. They carry out plans in a way that keeps one reading with rapt attention.

Mystery of who orders Rene to kill such important people drives the story and the suspense of keeping the ‘good guys’ alive while trapping the ‘bad guy’ make for exciting reading. In addition, the strong love that develops makes the reader give a satisfying sigh of relief after all the mayhem. GOOD READING!