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Monday, January 12, 2009

Blood Keep by Wend Petzler

Blood Keep by Wend Petzler
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Camellia

Lady Isabella is outraged when she discovers the command her king has sent to her, delivered by the very man she's been ordered to wed.

Defying the king's edict is unthinkable. However, she sees no reason to hand over the control of her castle, or her men, to a man who may or may not be worthy of either her or Blood Keep, regardless of how physically appealing he is to her.

Terrific! BLOOD KEEP, rich with memorable characters, whisks us away from modern time back to the twelfth century in England and lets us vicariously experience the intrigue, viciousness, and passion that make BLOOD KEEP spellbinding. The love scenes, the battle scenes, and the unswerving allegiance of the knights to Isabella really rev up the reader’s heart rate.

Isabella, Baroness of Blood Keep, is an indomitable young woman with a multifaceted personality and many talents. She is fascinating -- a heroine not to be missed.

Nicolas Drago, the Red Dragon knight, who is sent by King Edward to help protect Blood Keep and the surrounding area between England and Scotland, finds himself in an environment unlike any he has seen before. The Black Army and the Demons operate with total allegiance to Isabella, making Nicolas’ position uneasy since he is the “new kid on the block”. The Demon Lord who has always been near Isabella is reported to be away for family business but is never far from anyone’s mind.

The storyteller Eller entertains one night with the tale of the Demon Lord. He relates how one arrow pierced the Demon Lord and Nicolas Drago causing their blood to mingle when Demon Lord saved Nicolas' life at the Halidon Hall battle and then he says, “We are likewise united” adding, “Without truth, we are all doomed”. These cryptic remarks prove to be resoundingly true as the sadistic Alden and the barbaric Scottish laird McLeod seek to gain control of Blood Keep and Isabella.

Petzler gives us a special reading experience with BLOOD KEEP.