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Friday, January 23, 2009

All Hallow's Haunting by Desirée Lee

All Hallow's Haunting by Desirée Lee
Publisher: DCL Publications
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Horror
Length: Short
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Calla Lily

Teenagers Dane Grissinger and Kit Eisley never meant for things to go so far when they snuck into the Coulbourne cemetery on Halloween. Dane's idea of a séance to contact the wife and son that Silas Coulbourne had murdered seemed like a scary, but thrilling prospect for the night.

When Dane disappeared during the ceremony, nobody believed Kit's story that a ghost took him.

Now, 10 years later, Kit is visited by an apparition claiming to be Dane. Kit must bring herself to deal with her ghosts from the past and find the truth about what happened to Dane on that fateful night.

Some secrets, however, do not want to be unburied.

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I love all of the scary spooky stories, especially ghost stories. All Hallow’s Haunting is a super quick read. In the short 49 pages of the story you get mystery, suspense, ghosts, and best of all a beautiful love story.

The story starts out 10 years earlier with the teenage couple, Dane and Kit. Dane talks Kit into sneaking into the Coulbourne cemetery on Halloween. Dane wants to hold a séance to contact the wife and son that Silas Coulbourne had murdered. It was a scary, but thrilling night for them.

Moments after entering the cemetery, something pulls Dane away. Nobody believes Kit that a ghost took her boyfriend.

Ten years later, we learn how Kit’s life has turned out. As the ten year anniversary approaches, Kit starts hearing her nickname at night, a name only Dane knew. She starts to investigate the Coulbourne family and quickly learns that some secrets do not want to be found out.

The story has such a gripping story line. You can’t wait to find out what really happened. Where did Dane go, what will happen to Kit. There is even a steamy, but sweet love scene that will make your heart beat quicker.

I highly recommend All Hallow’s Haunting!