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Monday, December 15, 2008

Yankee Angel

Yankee Angel by Judi Lynne
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books

One minute Elizabeth Grant was working in a Civil War Hospital museum—the next she was eye to eye with a very convincing—and handsome—Rebel soldier.

Was this reenactor taking things too far—or were his claims that it was 1862 true?

Captain Tobias Hendricks of the Confederate army never planned to find the woman of his dreams in the abandoned farmhouse. It was bad enough she was a Yankee, worse still, she was a bit on the addled side. Only a head injury could explain her claims of traveling through time from the future. Or was she a Yankee spy?

Fate threw these strangers together, but would love span the bonds of time and bring them love everlasting?

I found Yankee Angel to be a very enjoyable story of time travel and true love. It takes place both in the present and in the Civil War South of 1862.

Elizabeth Grant works in a museum and forgets her backpack when she leaves work to go home. What happens next changes her life.

I liked the character of Beth. She was very believable when she was thrown back in time. I liked that her backpack had many things in it and helped prove when she came from. Beth is a very caring person. This was evident when she took care of Tobias when he was hurt, even though she had reasons to distrust men due to her past relationships. I liked how she slowly grows to trust Tobias and eventually turns to him for comfort. I enjoyed the fact that their love for each other grew as they got to know each other. Her love for him shows when she wants him to come with her if she is able to return to her time.

Captain Tobias Hendricks is a Confederate soldier who is wounded and seeks shelter in a farmhouse. He thinks he is delirious when he sees Beth. I thought it was cute how Tobias keeps trying to get Beth to have intimate relations with him. It was all done in a light teasing way and made me smile as he used his lines on Beth. I could tell that Tobias was an honorable man and believed in his cause. He continually protected Beth from the Yankees who were out to harm them. I kept wishing for a way that Tobias and Beth could be together, out of harms way and yet both could get what they wanted without hurting the other.

I am glad to see that Yankee Angel is part of a series of shorts set in this time period as I enjoyed this story of true love and hope to read more from Ms. Lynne soon.