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Friday, December 12, 2008

Wild Roses

Wild Roses by Hannah Howell
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 books
Review by Hibiscus

Harrigan Mahoney's assignment was clear: travel to Wyoming, find runaway Ella Carson, and escort her to Philadelphia – by force if necessary. A simple task, made devilishly complicated by Ella's wit, beauty, and spirited determination to outfox him at every turn.

Ella is no stranger to bad luck, but it seems wholly unfair that the man hired to drag her back to her greedy relatives should be the most intriguing male she ever set eyes on. The tall, dashing Irishman takes no pains to hide his attraction to Ella, but it is her overpowering desire for him that presents the greatest danger...

Now, journeying together through an unyielding land, their battle of wills becomes an adventure in seduction. One kiss is all it takes to unleash a hunger both fierce and foolhardy, for Ella's very life depends upon her escape from the man who could capture her heart forever...

Wild Roses was re-released in August 2008 and I for one am glad that it was since I never had the opportunity to read it back in June of 1997. I found it to be a very cute western in the style I have come to expect from Ms. Howell.

Ella Carson is a heiress who runs away from her uncle in Philadelphia to her Aunt Louis in Wyoming. Things are fine until a private investigator, Harrigan Mahoney, shows up to return “the runaway” to her guardian. Ella shows a lot of spunk and ingenuity as she continues to escape Harrigan with the help of Aunt Louis and her boys. I could totally believe how Ella falls for Harrigan. When facing what she believes to be her certain death, I for one would try to live life the fullest.

Harrigan Mahoney is a strong, sexy man. I could see how committed to his word he is when he lets nothing sway him from fulfilling his job. His lack of trust in Ella's word bothered me through the story but I could tell that he had doubts regarding what he had been told. Harrigan also loved his family and felt responsible for the loss of their money and business. He is committed to restoring what was lost and works hard to make things right.

Aunt Louis was a great minor character. I loved how she followed Ella and Harrigan all the way to Philadelphia. Some of the plots that she hatched to spring Ella had me in stitches. When Louis captured and converted George to their way of thinking, I knew love would soon follow.

Yes, Wild Roses is predictable but it is a very enjoyable story. I found the story to be a lite version of Ms. Howell's Highlander books but set in a western time with period characters.