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Friday, December 12, 2008

When The Vow Breaks

When The Vow Breaks by Judith Leigh
Publisher: Highland Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 books
Review by Camellia

Marriage – A forever commitment – Till death do us part.

That's what they had vowed. And Jillian and Morgan both believed it. But then disaster strikes and beliefs are shattered. Morgan sat helpless as he'd watched one woman die. That nightmare forced him to acknowledge he couldn't go through it twice. Jillian feared he would never look at her scarred body in the same light again. Will true love triumph and faith take hold to overcome the obstacles they allowed to cripple their marriage?

Fear, trust, and faith are intangibles but very real issues that Morgan and Jillian must come to terms with in WHEN THE VOW BREAKS. “In sickness and in health”, words tucked into the marriage vows, seemed insignificant at the time but when cancer invades Jillian’s body, the enormity of that commitment proves to be an indomitable challenge for Morgan – he runs.

Judith Leigh creates a very true to life story. Morgan, the flawed hero, is unswervingly brave in his military career and in his loyalty to his life-long friend. But, because of unresolved issues in his past he fails to support his wife when she gets breast cancer and has to have surgery.

As Jillian battles her way back from the surgery, her dependable friends rally around her. Bit by piece she builds a life without her husband. Her anger at Morgan seems to play a significant part in her determination to get on with her life.

The story moves rather uneventfully and with repetitions at times, but it seems so true to life that it compels the reader to not desert Jillian or Morgan until they can find their way through the maze of emotional and physical pain that life has meted out to them.

WHEN THE VOW BREAKS is a tribute to loyal friends and a sweet, inspirational love story. The happy-ever-after and the bonus miracle are so richly deserved.