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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Twist

The Twist by Lee Silver
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Full
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Zane Tollison's wife is running through their cash faster than he can make it. A "Hail Mary" contract with Clearwater Tobacco arrives in the nick of time to keep his fledgling consulting firm afloat, and to unchain him once and for all from his narcissistic wife.

Beautiful, brilliant, and estranged Kathy Davis is desperate for a new beginning. The feisty post doc bio-geneticist jumps at an offer from Clearwater, pouring her soul into a development that will revolutionize the tobacco industry.

The two are unwittingly reeled into a convoluted plan to steal $12 million. Zane is changing into a carbon copy of Kathy, a pawn in a bizarre genetic metamorphosis, entangling Kathy in a sinewy web of seduction and deceit. Forging a bond that will set the course of their destiny, they fight to overpower the diabolic hold that has taken over their lives.

In Lee Silvers ‘The Twist,’ you will discover you cannot read fast enough! Romance is tumbled through a whirlwind of corporate interactions with the intensity level cranked to ‘super-high.’

The author creates two incredible, powerful self-possessed, sensual and intelligent main characters, each good enough to carry any storyline forward. Then, the complex, fast-paced storyline powers them forward. Who would expect anything set against a backdrop of the corporate world to be so dramatic? The intrigue breathes through even the initial pages.

Consultant Zane should have thought about taking gifts from strangers: It takes him a while, but he realizes his easy-money contract is not so easy. His failing business and sad personal life leave him open for any opportunity that comes along.

Kathy Davis seems utterly, inescapably entwined in the tobacco industry… even though she is far from the hot secretary Zane at first takes her for! Although she is tiny, shapely, and snappy; she is also a bio-geneticist and, far from fearing harassment, she takes pride in--shall we say--appreciation of her appearance. She is also a surprisingly sympathetic woman, giving her a very human side. She has a measure of coarseness that doesn’t altogether fit the rest of her personality, and will surprise readers at times.

The author makes the most of Ms. Davis’ powerful personality. Her casual handling of male interest; indeed her enjoyment of it and quick responses give The Twist some lighter moments. Davis commands respect in her office, as she pushes the cutting edge of research into nicotine addiction. Yet, some of the inner workings of that industry must have escaped her, which is where Zane’s insights might pay off. Their first indications of the impact of gene research relating to DNA reactions to nicotine arrive when the impact hits Zane, personally.

Zane, by the end, is a far different man than the one who so disinterestedly ignores his wife at the start. In fact, many things, and people, are not what they seem.

You’ll guess and second-guess your way to the clever conclusion; Cigarettes can kill and the Cigarette industry is no laughing matter, either. Although the storyline may seem complex, Silver’s writing style creates straightforward, comfortable reading.