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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Taste of Murder

A Taste of Murder by Virginia Smith
Publisher: Steeple Hill
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Gloxina

Who murdered a small-town beauty-pageant judge--in a very strange way? Jasmine Delaney must find out. Because she's taken the victim's place. She came to the Kentucky Bar-B-Q Festival for a wedding, eager to meet the bride's handsome brother, Derrick Rogers. Yet she's suddenly surrounded by pint-size contestants whose competitive parents will do anything to ensure the crown. Even kill? Derrick fears she's the killer's next target and promises to keep a close eye on her. Yet someone is already watching Jazzy's every move. Someone who's had a taste of murder. And is hungry for more.

I thought Virginia Smith's Murder by Mushroom was good, but with each book she writes, she only gets better. I got so caught up in this book, I was continually reading it. I felt deeply involved in Jazzy's struggles as a musician coming to a town to play for a wedding. I knew the fear and all the other emotions the three musicians had to feel being put in a motel room and coming upon a dead man in the bathtub covered in BBQ sauce. It was interesting to see Derrick's protective nature—as most men do have that nature if we women will let them. But I tend to be more like Jazzy and pull away from it when sometimes I need it.

It was difficult to pick out the murderer and in the end it sure surprised me. Then the climax had me sitting on the end of my seat. I had to keep pushing on and on until I finished the book. The way Jazzy resolved her problem at the end was unique and I liked that. I can hardly wait for the next Virginia Smith book.