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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams by Jordana Ryan
Publisher: Siren BookStrand
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Full
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Lilac

Owning Sweet Dreams wasn't Gillian's life's ambition, but she's determined to make the best of it. She is well liked and respected. So when someone begins targeting her, she is shocked.

Lucas Jensen left Meadowside as soon as he got out of high school. Working hard, he has earned the position of detective on the New Orleans Police Department. But tragedy has left him broken and searching for healing.

Returning home to Meadowside, a stop at his favorite bakery lands him smack dab in the middle of Gillian's life. As he gets to know the shy baker, he becomes determined to protect her, no matter the cost.

Is he the reason for the strange attacks Gillian has been facing? Who hates Gillian enough to be so vicious? Can he put the pieces of the puzzle together in time, or will both their lives be left in ruins?

In this wonderful suspense story, bakery owner Gillian Landon is determined to make the best of what life has handed her as she runs her bakery. Popular among the locals, Gillian and her bakery are both well-liked so when someone starts threatening and attacking the store, Gillian is stumped at who could do such a thing. Logan Jensen has returned to Meadowside following an incident at his old job as a police officer in New Orleans. When someone starts making threats against Gillian, Logan decides that he will assist in keeping her protected and safe from harm. As the two spend more time together, they grow closer, but someone is out to ruin their growing relationship and Gillian’s reputation.

Sweet Dreams is fabulous story filled with many twists and turns. The story unfolds through the use of flashbacks switching back and forth between the past and present and, while it was confusing at first, it did make me curious about the events leading up to the present. There were many surprises along the way and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The growing relationship between Gillian and Logan was fascinating and I loved how the two cared for and tried to protect one another. Logan finds peace with Gillian as she helps him deal with events from the past. But as the threats escalate, he risks losing her as he tries to protect her.

Sweet Dreams is a wonderful tale of suspense, romance, and more.