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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Spirit by Mary Lou George
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Larkspur

All her life, Reggie Stanton has felt connected to Bennett House. Her childhood dreams come true when she's asked to restore the old place. Unfortunately, old friend and combatant Chase McCann has been hired to do the landscaping.
They share a tension filled past he won't talk about, and things are definitely heating up between them. Seeing him, all hot and dirty day after day, wears down Reggie's resistance. The situation is made worse when unexplained and often dangerous things start to happen around the house. What is the soul sucking evil lurking in the library and what do the children have to do with it? She enlists the help of the meddlesome, matchmaking ghost haunting the garden.

Reggie's willing to risk everything to solve the mystery surrounding Bennett House, but sex with Chase would really complicate matters. Especially since Reggie's been secretly in love with him for years.

Spirit by Mary Lou George is the second in her New Cresent series. New Cresent is a sleepy little New England town with one small distinction-- there's magic in the air.

Chase McCann and Reggie Stanton have been lifelong friends but there's always been a little spark when ever they're together. Now they are working together to help restore the Barrett House, a house that has special meaning to Reggie. Well, now not only are sparks flying but there's something evil waiting for anyone who crosses the library threshold.

Join Reggie and Chase for a thrill a minute journey to find and conquer the "Big Bad" in the library. Ms. George gives us a sweet and spicy love story and then turns up the heat when she throws in just enough suspense and paranormal goings on to keep us flipping the pages until the last one is read and until the mystery surrounding The Barrett House is solved.

The characters are well defined and Ms. George’s story telling is great.

The book did well as a stand alone but I would recommend it be read as part of the series as to not miss any nuances and to better acquaint yourself with the characters involved.