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Friday, December 12, 2008

Slave Girl

Slave Girl by Sheniqua Waters
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 3 books
Review by Ivy

Kidnapped and sold into slavery, is there more to life than what Laila experiences?

Kidnapped from her home in Cairo, Egypt, Laila is placed on an auction block in Constantinople and sold to work as a handmaid to a wealthy man and his daughter. Unhappy as a maid and leery of the lustful advances of her owner, Laila dreams of returning to her home.

Laila is sold to a Turkish harem where she catches the eye of the handsome yet arrogant palace heir, Kudar al Numan. As Laila fights to deny her feelings for Kudar, their relationship is threatened by the jealous rage of another woman.

To keep the couple apart, Laila’s nemesis hatches a plan to force her to make a choice…return to the family she loves or remain in her new life with her new love. Either choice may be seen as an act of betrayal. Which will she choose? And does going back to relive the past mean there is no hope for the future?

Featuring the city of early Constantinople, Slave Girl is a fantasy tale about Laila, a beauty stolen from her family in Cairo and taken to the Turks as a slave turned harem girl. Falling for her master, Laila must convince him to give her his heart before she will surrender her virtue. Jealous rivalries in the harem and a suspicious family drive her once more into the arms of trouble, and Kudar, the man she has come to love, must choose between his parents' expectations, and the slave girl who showed him what it means to love.

Slave Girl opens with a kidnapping, but avoids being too cliché with its unique setting. Scenic prose and detail accentuate an appealing plot. It is fast paced; the heroine cheer-worthy, her adversaries, happily unpalatable. The dialogue is modern and sometimes forced--it may be unsatisfying for those who prefer more authenticity--but Ms. Waters shows story telling potential with an ability to cast just the right amount of historical atmosphere.

A different read from the standard romance, Slave Girl provides a harem life fantasy with a happy ending. It definitely brings on the heat.