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Monday, December 29, 2008

Reunited by Murder

Reunited by Murder by Liadan Brodie
Publisher Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary/Mystery
Length: full
Heat: spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Two people reunited and searching for the truth while trying to stay one step ahead of a sect of the Russian mob threatening to destroy them both. But one of them holds a secret that could tear them apart forever.

Liadan Brodie’s clever combination of murder, intrigue and romance, Reunited by Murder, offers a blend of romance and mystery.

Beau Arneaux is no stranger to envy – nor the teasing that accompanies it. On his ‘trial run’ as a field agent for the FBI (whether or not his captain likes it) he is forewarned of the involvement of a certain ‘S.C.’ Simone Carr and Beau have a certain family-friend type history and connection, and both now become embroiled in an investigation that started in their parents’ times. Simone is nobody’s fool, and far from trusting, but Beau, handsome, admirable Beau, is the love of her life. And Beau, for his part, discovers that Simone has grown up gorgeous. Too bad he’s suddenly investigating her and her company…and it’s not like there isn’t another handsome, six foot-five potential love interest in the picture.

Beau’s father’s involvement in the case, the FBI investigation, and more all manage to complicate what would seem could be a straightforward and really satisfying romance! The best part of Reunited by Murder is the anticipation!

The complexity of the mystery is challenging and over-involved, and teasing your way through that is less satisfying. Some parts indulge in sharing slow back story. A regular reader of police procedurals would likely find some parts overly inventive and unbelievable. However, the dialogue throughout is believable and extremely well-done-- moving the story forward and engaging the readers. Certain characters shine; you really have to love a man that makes lasagna!