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Friday, December 26, 2008


Redemption by Sharon Cullen
Publisher: Samhain
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Lilac

Love on the Edge, Book 2

Running for her life…to a man who’d given up on it.

“Go to Callahan.”

Pregnant, alone—and with no memory of who she is—these words are the only thing Hope can hang onto as she drives through a blizzard, searching for the reclusive Callahan. And when she finds him, she’s not sure which of them is more in need of help and healing.

Haunted by the brutal murder of the woman he loved, the last thing John Callahan needs on his hands is an injured pregnant woman. But with the storm bearing down, he has no choice. Opening his home to her, though, turns out to be far from simple. Her unconditional acceptance of him, scars and all, opens windows to his soul he thought were forever sealed.

Then he discovers Hope’s true identity, and realizes his past—and a powerful enemy—has come back to haunt them both. Even as he races against time to save her, John has to wonder…

Is Hope his redemption? Or his downfall?

Haunted by his past and used to solitude, John Callahan didn’t expect his day to be interrupted by an accident near his cabin. Thanks the accident and the bump on her head, the pregnant young lady driving the car has no memory of her identity or past except for the words “Go to Callahan.” Slowly, the young woman, Hope, regains her memory and the two realize that there is a connection between John’s past and her present as a common enemy is after them both. John soon finds himself playing protector to the young woman as they work to solve the mystery that surrounds Hope. As they spend more time together, John tries to keep his distance believing nothing good can come from a relationship between them. However, as they spend time together, his walls begin to weaken leaving John to wonder if she could be his salvation or if he should leave her be.

This was a wonderful story full of emotion, romance, and suspense. John and Hope both provide the other with comfort and help each other to heal. Their story is a touching one and I really enjoyed watching them come together. I could feel their pain and heartache as I read their story. Scarred emotionally and physically by the past, John was a wonderful hero that one could easily fall for. His relationship with Hope was believable and enjoyable to read.

The suspense of the plot was well-done as well and I anticipated what would happen next with each new discovery about Hope’s identity and the past. I enjoyed the various twists that the story took as more was revealed about the people after Hope and John’s past.

Redemption is a highly emotional story that I recommend to anyone looking for a wonderful read about two wounded people overcoming the past to build a future.