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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Persistence of Dreams

Persistence of Dreams by Ann Warner
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Camellia

To find a whole-hearted love, they had to lose everything

Sequel to Dreams for Stones

Luz Montalvo was a carefree college student until her parents died in a car crash. Frantic not to lose her younger siblings to foster care, Luz took them on the run. After nearly a year scraping by as an apartment manager, she’s just beginning to feel safe when she discovers her newest tenant is her worst nightmare.

Charles Larimore, a Denver district attorney, has been shaped by losses that left him wary of everyone and everything. Including love. After losing all he owns in a suspicious fire, he moves into a lonely apartment with the only possession he has left. An empty heart.

Luz tries desperately not to fall in love with a man who is part of the system that can tear her family apart. At first, Charles convinces himself his feelings for the prickly Luz are merely protective instincts. And there’s something going on beneath her determination to avoid him.

Secrets and seven year olds are a volatile mix, so it isn’t long before he learns that Luz is hiding from the authorities. Charles must choose: say nothing and risk his integrity, or turn her in and lose the only woman who could make his heart whole.

With enchanting descriptions like “her heart had stuttered with a feeling as effervescent as a cascade of silvery stars”, Ann Warner’s smooth writing style charms the reader with a story of Luz’s and Charles’ love – a love that each feels is impossible.

Charles, a smart, handsome, successful deputy district attorney, is beset by suppressed childhood memories and a recent broken romance. When he finds himself interested in the grubby-looking, secretive Luz Blair, the apartment manager, he wants to escape the feelings. But, subtle events keep pulling him into the vortex of Luz’s life.

Persistence of Dreams is a wonderful title that hints at Charles’ nightmares that leave him feeling exhausted and Luz’s elusive memories of her younger life. These are forces that influence the way Luz and Charles think and act as they struggle to find their way through a maze of difficulties.

Not to be missed are the Christmas puzzles, the intrepid Marisol, and the adopted nana Cora.

The secondary characters, so alive, add a wealth of emotions to this story while the many subtexts serve to enrich the reader’s pleasure as she vicariously suffers and rejoices as Luz and Charles battle their way to a happy-ever-after – to “te amo con todo mi corizon”.

Persistence of Dreams is enthralling – a story to be enjoyed more than once.