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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Out of Her Dreams

Out of Her Dreams by Dee Lloyd
Publisher: Awe-Struck Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Hibiscus

The Jake of Kate’s dreams had been part of her life since she was barely eleven years old. Tonight, during her first sleep in her supposedly haunted new home, he kissed her. And just as she was enjoying this very first bone-melting kiss, she woke up. Annoyed, aroused and determined to get over her obsession with this handsome, laughing, loving dream man, she threw on a robe and headed up to enjoy the moonlit view from the widow’s walk at the top of the tower. And Jake was there…in the flesh. Well, occasionally in the flesh.

Jake is sure she is the reincarnation of his fiancĂ©e who died in 1919. Although Kate remembers him only from her dreams, he insists she must be Caitlin. In almost a hundred years no one else has been able to see him. And, certainly no one else has caused him to take on solid form. Her nearness gives him back his body! She has to be his Caitlin. Besides, she is wearing her crescent charm…the mirror image of the one he was wearing when he was murdered. They need them both.

I enjoyed this amazing story about lost loves and the theory that they were reincarnated over and over until they were able to finally meet, and their race to break an ancient curse.

Kate is a writer who just broke up with her finance Blain when she realizes that he can't compare to the man she has been dreaming of since she was 11 years old when she received a crescent necklace as a birthday gift. Kate purchases a “haunted” house near her Aunt Phoebe. Lo and behold, her dream man Jake inhabits her new home.

Kate is a very likable character. I found that she has hidden psychic strengths that she never tapped into until she meets Jake. I love how even though she wasn't convinced that she was the reincarnated Caitlin, Kate falls in love with Jake for real. There are some cute scenes of how Kate deals with her incorporeal lover. I really enjoyed the vivid descriptions of sensations without having a body orchestrating the movements.

Jake was a phenomenal character. He waited over 90 years for his Caitlin to return to him and never gave up hope. He is cute in the way he wants to take care of Kate and is always cooking gourmet food to feed her. I could see that Jake was not only determined to claim Kate and break the curse but he also had a light-hearted side. I laughed when he put the ring in Blain's pocket without materializing.

There are a lot of minor characters, all of whom were well fleshed out. Aunt Phoebe and Maxwell were instrumental in keeping the plot moving and all the other characters in line. There is an evil being who was also out for the crescent charms and tries to stop the curse from being broken by any means possible, including supernatural ones.

I enjoyed this touching story of lost love found and the many difficulties that Kate and Jake went through to try to keep one another. Out Of Her Dreams had me wishing for a Jake to walk out of mine.