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Friday, December 5, 2008

A Love Beyond Time

A Love Beyond Time by Alisha Paige
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Length: Short
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 Books
Review by Eglantine

Cursed for mocking Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Clio, muse of history and her lover are thrust back in time to the Salem witch trials and then the Italian Renaissance. Only love can save them both, but is it enough? Is their love A LOVE BEYOND TIME?

A few careless words, spoken in jest, no harm meant. Yet for Clio, daughter of Zeus, they brought endless sorrow and suffering. Her half-sister, Aphrodite, heard Clio’s jest about the goddess of love’s feelings for Adonis, and took it very seriously indeed. Now Clio is flung from corner to corner in history, always searching for her own love, Pierus, once king of the Macedonians and, in every critical period of history Aphrodite shoves Clio into, reincarnated to play a role in events. Though their love is strong enough for his memory of past lives to return again and again, their story always ends in tragedy. But Zeus himself takes interest in her plight. With the help of her sister muses and Dionysius, god of wine, she may be able to find a way to end her and Pierus’ suffering. But the journey to redemption is filled with peril, and the outcome by no means assured.

It’s always a joy to read a truly original paranormal. In a market filled to the brim--some might say to overflowing--with vampires and were-creatures, Ms Paige explores the rich, wonderful world of Greek mythology. She transports the reader to historical events such as the witch hunts in Salem to fuse a delightful tale filled with enough detail to make every scene feel authentic. Purists might take umbrage with mistakes in the writing craft such as repetition--for instance Ms Paige and her editors missed her crutch phrase, “slammed his/her eyes shut”--and the occasional out of place use of modern language, such as “okay”, but even those aware of such details will gladly overlook them, and be rewarded with a really good read. Go and buy this book, it’s certainly worth the money.