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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Laird's Lady

The Laird’s Lady by Patti Shenberger
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by: Lilac

Much to her surprise, Devin Noone inherits a Scottish Castle and with it the title of Lady. Devin conjures up images of knights on white chargers, fair-haired damsels in distress and, fire-breathing dragons. She’s never imagined what she’d get in addition to the Castle—a seaweed covered canine and a two hundred year old specter, Lord Kyle MacLay.

Devin always believed that her cousin’s tales of Castle Loch Haven’s haunted past had been just that—tales. Yet, here the Laird was in the flesh, so to speak.

At Kyle’s request, Devin agrees to help him solve the mystery that’s kept him trapped, unable to pass on to the next life. Having heard the story of the kidnapping of MacLay’s fiancée, Lady Elsbeth Morehead, and of his own alleged suicide. As time goes by, she falls helplessly under his sensual spell, and knows she will do anything he asks.

In this interesting paranormal romance, when Devin Noone inherits a Scottish castle from her beloved cousin, she also inherits the resident ghost, Lord Kyle MacLay. The ghostly Laird had become friends with Devin’s cousin as the two sought to discover the truth behind Kyle’s continued presence on earth. Kyle hopes that Devin will continue her cousin’s search to find answers and help him to pass over, but finds himself falling for the young beauty. Devin agrees and soon finds a diary that might hold the answers Kyle seeks, but finds herself conflicted as she is not so sure she wants her ghost to go away permanently.

This was definitely an intriguing read about a ghost and human falling for one another. In this emotional story, you could feel for Devin as she struggled with her feelings for Kyle and with her grief over the loss of her beloved cousin. She is conflicted over her feelings for Kyle as he is a ghost (and what human wouldn’t be a bit conflicted over that?). The couple shares an interesting relationship and I enjoyed the banter and chemistry between the two as they spend time together and work to solve the mystery that has kept Kyle a prisoner on earth.

In addition to the emotion and characters of the story, the author’s vivid descriptions of the locale and characters really made me feel as though I were there. I was swept away by the story and enjoyed the escape into this fascinating tale.

The concept of The Laird’s Lady is fascinating and I enjoyed the many unexpected turns that the story took as we learned more about Kyle’s past. I will say that the ending is one that I definitely didn’t see coming. In fact, I am still in shock over it, but I did enjoy the interesting twist. The author did a wonderful job of surprising this reader!