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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire by Andrea Fuller
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3 Books
Review by Larkspur

For millennia, Omni has been a god of Love and Light, but her Dark side has emerged and is gaining strength. Volcanic activity has increased, the sun is blood-red and water is scarce. Are these signs that the planet’s destruction is imminent?

Tarina, an empath and acolyte, receives a plea for help from Omni, and a warning that the sun will go supernova. She is forced to trust the stranger, Daniel, a geologist from Earth, who arrived her planet after getting lost in the North Carolina ruby caves. Tarina and Daniel must have faith in Omni, accept their love for each other, and join forces to solve a riddle that will unite the elements of Light and Dark.

Their quest turns into a race against time as the Darkness unleashes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Will their love be enough to save the people, or will Evil overcome Love and destroy the planet?

Andrea Fuller takes us on a fantastic journey to an alternate universe called Essani that is in crisis. Our heroine, a local named Tarina is helped by an unexpected visitor through the veil that separates Earth from Essani. Daniel is a geologist on a tour of a ruby mine who unknowingly slips through the veil. Together Daniel and Tarina must find a way to save her world and must go through many trials to do so.

I found the concept really good, but the different personas that the goddess took where a little hard to follow, especially between her good and evil personalities which sometimes took on the same face.

Still, this book is a great love story filled with intrigue and danger in a battle of good versus evil. The characters are well written and well developed and the story is well told. If you love a great fantastical romance this is for you.