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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feathers on the Floor

Feathers on the Floor by Genene Valleau
Publisher: Awe-struck eBooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Hollyhock

Psychiatrist Julia Cabot's life has always gone according to plan -- until her husband's charming affability explodes into violence. Terrified for her life and the safety of her children, Julia runs. She finds an unlikely haven with a man her children think is the angel they wished for after they find FEATHERS ON THE FLOOR.

Former bodyguard Mitch Garrison is trained to protect, but something went fatally wrong five years ago when his wife was shot while helping an abused woman. Mitch's nightmares come to life when Julia appears, a jagged purple bruise marring her face. But when her ex-husband kidnaps her children, Julia and Mitch join forces in a journey that brings them face to face with their deepest fears and their most passionate desires.

This is a great read from beginning to end. Not many dull moments in this book. The author’s descriptions and tones make you feel as if you are a part of the story. You feel as though you can feel Julia’s pain and are just as afraid of her husband as she is herself. You come to feel as if you know the characters personally. The descriptions of the mountains and town are so it is almost like you can see them right before your eyes and as if you are a part of the town. It is a very inspirational and loving book that will make you realize there is hope. Do you believe in angels? Read this and you will.

It was a little hard to understand the part when they get to the motel and then when the kids first discuss the angel’s feather. You weren’t sure if it was after they were awake in the morning or if it was before Julia went to bed. It got a little confusing about the different villains and what part they played, the who’s who in what criminal offense. But neither one of these are enough to hurt the read.

As the story progresses you realize there are more villains in the story than just the abusive husband. There are twists and turns through the story to keep it very interesting. When the children get kidnapped, Julia and Mitch are thrown together even closer. The children are in danger and Julia and Mitch don’t have much time. Is luck on their side or are all the signs that lead them on the trail from angels? You decide. This is one story you will hard to put down. It is definitely one I would read again.