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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Elfing Around

Elfing Around by J. Morgan
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Fantasy
Length: short
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Hibiscus

Making the Naughty List is an Elfing good time!

It's December 23rd and Essie is far from the North Pole. She's an elf outta' luck: Her equipment fails and she's arrested by the local Barney Fife. She's willing to risk making Santa's Naughty List if it nabs her the sheriff of her dreams.

The only way out of trouble is through it, and Essie's elfish mix of nice and naughty can make it happen. Love, North Pole style, would wrap this adventure up with a shiny red bow. It'll take a holiday miracle to bless the by-the-book sheriff and a down-on-her-luck elf.

Warning: comedic sex, smoking hot elves and hunky men may land you on the Naughty List, but don't let that stop you!

What a hilarious story. I found Elfing Around to be so funny, I laughed 'til there were tears running down my cheeks. It is a story that not only has a lesson to it but reaffirms my belief that Santa Claus knows everything.

Esmeralda Avangella Bottrice is one of Santa's elves who is assigned to a small town called Shelton, in the Southern region of the United States. It's hot and humid and not at all like the North Pole. Essie is a small cute elf whose EUB2000, Elfin Utility Belt Mark 2000, shuts down and she becomes visible to the local people. After being picked up by the deputy on suspicion of being a “hoor”, Essie begins to see Shelton in a new light: That of Sheriff Dalton.

Sheriff Dalton is tall, muscular and blond. I know I wouldn't mind being detained by him. He also is struck by Essie and goes above and beyond in his Southern hospitality. I could tell he is a gentleman by the way he offers to take Essie out to dinner and give her a change of clothes and a place to stay. He is struck by love almost from the moment he meets Essie but does not want to push things. Their verbal innuendos were sharp and much of their conversations had me in stitches.

I loved that both Essie and Dalton were willing to take the blame for each other when things went wrong. It made me that love at first sight really can happen.

There was an additional story in this short about the town of Shelton and its struggle to stay afloat. I liked that Sheriff Dalton cared enough to stay with his hometown and try to help it survive. I helped show me his loyalty. There are a few creative solutions for the town that surface in the story.

Elfing Around was a hilarious story of love and romance. I know I'll read it over and over, anytime I want a huge smile on my face.