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Monday, December 8, 2008

Dancing in the Kitchen

Dancing in the Kitchen by Linda Andrews
Publisher: Zumaya Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Review by Camellia

Alistair Eugene Holmes' life depends on his ability to pass as ordinary and dull. Blending with the university's students, he enters the archeology's museum with one purpose: Steal the Death stone one of the professors has unearthed. A moment's distraction by the pretty curator gets him tossed out of the museum. When he manages to sneak back inside, the death stone has been replaced by a fake onyx. Which of the three suspects left the taunting message written in black magic? The cocky Dixon, the manipulative Olivia or the love blind Hannah?

Adventure and excitement. For twenty-seven years, Hannah Jessup has dreamt of escaping her hum-drum middle class existence. She's spent years building exhibits around the musty collection of archeological artifacts to gain the attention of one man: Cooper Dixon, the university's answer to Indiana Jones. On the eve of the exhibit's opening, she is absolutely certain his proposal is imminent.

On the big day, Coop's failure to propose is exacerbated by the introduction of his new assistant: cute, seductive Olivia Palmer. She takes Hannah's place on the spring dig, at the exhibit's opening and insinuates herself into the romantic dinner planned for Coop's return. Irritated but determined, Hannah adapts to the new rules of the game by using Alistair to make Coop jealous.

Alistair readily agrees to Hannah's plan. As her beau, he can keep his three suspects under close surveillance. Too close, in Hannah's case. His heart ignores the pretense of their courtship and doesn't care if she loves another. Attempting to clear her of suspicion, he enters her dreams only to be seduced himself. The night of the opening, his nemesis attacks.

Unexplained fires, rats and cockroaches are just the beginning and soon the dying begins.

Can you believe, I nearly missed this magical story with its disguised hunky wizard for a hero and a naïve, talented heroine; all because the title and book cover did not appeal to me. For some reason, I was drawn to read the first page. It must have been magic.

Linda Andrews does a little magic of her own as she creates characters that come alive on the pages. The unintentionally humorous heroine Hannah, so unassuming and unaware of the aura around her, works her fingers to the bone trying to please everyone. As the assistant curator of the university museum, she finds herself entangled with some extremely self-centered people who have no qualms about using her and her talents to get what they want out of life with no consideration for her.

When Alister Eugene Holmes, Ph.D. appears on the scene, Hannah’s life changes. She is propelled out of her ho-hum life and into a world of intrigue and magic where good and evil via for supremacy.

Some of both evil and good personalities span centuries of time as they continue to fight their “forever” battle against each other. At this time Gerand (evil) has sent his minion from the 12th century to obtain the Onyx, the “Death Stone”, which has recently been unearthed and is now on display in the museum at the university. The Guardian of the Knights must get the stone so Gerand will not become immortal and gain control over the world.

Who is good and who is evil gets all mixed up and only Mr. Snoops the cat seems to know without a doubt who is who. He is a darling.

DANCING IN THE KITCHEN is delightful, scary, and humorous with mystery and suspense but most of all it is a story of love. This one is definitely a “keeper”.