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Monday, December 8, 2008

Chastity's Charms

Chastity's Charms by Ginger Simpson
Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 books
Review by Buttercup

When Chastity Holmes accepts a position with Norwell Genetics, she has no idea there's more to the job than what's listed on her job description. She's supposed to screen applicants applying for laboratory positions, not act as bait in a sting to capture an unethical researcher who's selling stolen eggs to fertility clinics.

Saying no doesn't appear to be an option when she peers into Detective Blaine Logan's piercing blue eyes. Can she help him capture the thief before being robbed of her heart?

Chastity Holmes moves cross-country to take a cushy, new job at a fertility lab leaving everything and everyone she knows behind. She soon finds out the job is much more than she anticipated, and becomes buried under a mountain of work. While trying to organize her office she knocks some files to the floor and the contents scatter. As she crawls around the floor picking up the mess, she notices a document has slid between some furniture and reaches beneath to retrieve it thrusting her derriere into the air.

Enter Detective Blaine Logan. With an ‘Ahem’ and a cool introduction, he handles the situation with a no-nonsense demeanor. The detective is handling a case that involves one of the lab’s perspective applicants. Chase finds that the detective wants her to solicit her help in his case. Torn between his standoffish attitude and her conflicting interest and need to push the detective out her mind and life she convinces herself their relationship is a working one, and she will be sure it stays that way. After all, she’d never become involved with a cop.

Ms Simpson has woven a sweet contemporary story of suspense and mutual attraction. The conflict that keeps Chase distant from the sexy detective is expertly threaded into the story using well-spaced red herrings throughout, not giving it away until almost the end. The antagonist is fleshed out as well as the main characters and though he is introduced within the first few pages of the story and you develop an instant dislike for him when he finally makes contact, you wonder if he is really the bad guy.

My only drawback with this story is I felt it was too short. I wanted it to go on. But perhaps it will go on, if the fact that the title reads, Stages of Love Book One is any indication. I’m hoping so. I’d like to read more about these two.

Overall, I found this a fun lunchtime read with a quirky humor, nerve-wracking suspense, and a good old-fashioned contemporary romance.