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Friday, December 5, 2008

Baron Of Dragon's Reach

Baron Of Dragon's Reach by Shereen Vedam
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Short
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Review by Sunflower

As a loving daughter, Elena had agreed to marry the son of her father's enemy to bring peace to their two lands. However, a year later, due to a misguided liaison with a traveling minstrel, she is no longer the promised virgin. When the neighboring land baron announces he's coming to claim his bride, Elena seeks out a witch to cast a spell to disguise her lost innocence. But instead of making her problem disappear, the spell turns Elena invisible, leaving both the fulfillment of her promise to her father, and the possibility of peace, in grave jeopardy.

Elena should be overjoyed. Her long-awaited wedding to the handsome Lord John William Giles is about to take place, and will secure the peace between their two kingdoms. But Elena has a dark secret--a year ago she secretly gave herself to a wandering minstrel. When Lord Giles discovers she is no longer a virgin, it will surely provoke him to declare war on her father. Elena first tries to confide in her conniving cousin Camilla, who will use the information against her if given the chance. Realizing her mistake, Elena runs away with her maid, Anna, to ask the sorceress Badora for a spell to restore her virginity. They come upon her apprentice Smedley, who tells the disappointed Elena that Badora is away and won’t be back in time to help. He offers to cast the spell himself and Elena is desperate enough to try anything. His efforts don’t exactly work as planned, and now Elena has an even bigger problem. She is invisible!

I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic tale of a spunky young woman who feels trapped by the expectations of those around her. Sherreen Vedam has successfully captured the customs of court life, with writing formal enough to portray the graces of a bygone age. The lively dialogue crackles with humor and sentiment, making the story difficult to put down. The ending provides a nice twist, and a lesson to those who try to hide from their troubles. Baron of Dragon’s Reach is a fun, short read.