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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Letters from David

Letters from David by Eve Paludan
Publisher: Lulu
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 Books
Review by Sunflower

In the tradition of novels driven by love letters...

A Midwestern woman faces devastating changes in midlife, loses her home and the love of her life, moves cross country to the ocean, finds a lover, and discovers the truths of life and love within the pages of letters.

Losing her husband in a freak hunting accident was bad enough, but when a tornado destroys her home, Claire Meade is seriously ready to start over somewhere new. Letters from David is the story of her journey and the healing that follows. Once she settles on the coast of Virginia, in a small town called Cape St. Marie, Claire slowly goes about the business of finding her place. After acquiring a rambling but dilapidated house, known to be haunted, she starts an interior design company. Later on, she dips a toe into the warm and inviting ocean of an intimate friendship with her next-door neighbor Noah. Her family, drawn by Claire’s love and acceptance, eventually join with her and add their own measure of joy, along with some surprises.

This book traces the inspirational journey of a forty-something widow with two grown children. Ms. Paludan sketches word pictures of thoughtful beauty as she brings the rhythm of a small coastal town to life. Her dialogue is less successful--sometimes even a little cumbersome, as the characters strive to say all the feelings and exposition she has given them to communicate. Nevertheless, the story moves forward convincingly as Claire comes to terms with the awful circumstances surrounding her husband’s death. She finally lays her own ghosts to rest, just as she helps the lonely spirit of her new home to find peace.

On the whole, I found this book to be a satisfying read, and one which I would recommend to anyone facing a difficult patch in their life.