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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lanterns and Lace

Lanterns and Lace by Diann Mills
Publisher: Barbour
Genre: Historical, Inspirational
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Gloxina

Moments before she dies giving birth, a tormented resident of the Kahlerville brothel persuades the doctor to adopt her infant daughter.

Two years later, Jessica Martin’s younger sister, Jenny, arrives in Kahlerville determined to gain custody of her niece. But as soon as Jenny steps off the train, her best-laid plans begin to go awry. From her encounter with the mysterious Aubrey Turner to her humiliation in front of the seemingly dedicated physician Dr. Grant Andrews, unforeseen events cause Jenny to falter in her purpose.

Should she leave Kahlerville before she ruins more lives than her own? The secretive Mr. Turner will stop at nothing to get what he’s after—including Jenny’s affections—while Dr. Andrews fears for Jenny and his daughter’s safety.

What twisted plots and unexpected evils await the residents of Kahlerville, Texas? How many lives will be lost in the chaos?

Wow - I sure was not prepared for what this book had to offer. It is a story about survival, romance, hardships, and even danger. As Jenny travels alone into the wilderness and is followed by a man she does not know to be a danger to her, the story begins to unfold. You find yourself holding your breath, praying, and hoping for the best so often during this story.

As Jenny tries to find her niece and take her back hoping to make her parents realize that her sister Jessica was a nice person, her life finds hope and romance and a future. And, in the end, it brings her parents closer when they meet their granddaughter. It is a wonder how often a child can bring about something no adult ever can. At the end I find myself holding my breath hoping Grant and his brother will show up in time to save Jenny.

You won't be able to lay the book down. I have read it while at computer, watching TV, and anywhere else I have a spare moment. It grabs you and keeps you and you want to just keep reading on and on and on. I love the way it began, the whole story in the middle, and the ending.

The villain in the story is like the enemy usually is in life. He was so delightful and appealing in the beginning, but one senses something is not right. He shows himself and is brutal and hateful later in the book. You want so much for his character to trip him up. The heroine and hero struggle with their relationship which is so true of all true romantic relationships. This was the first Diann Mills book I have read, but I cannot wait to read another book like this one.