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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Family Legend

The Family Legend by Moira Rogers
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 Books
Review by Bittersweet

Marriages only happen in one way in Kelly's family: Mr. or Mrs. Right wanders in to their out of the way Bed and Breakfast in rural Ireland, never to leave again. Three generations of matches have been made this way, but Kelly is tired of having her family play matchmaker with every eligible young man who comes to town. Then she meets Raul, who has been adventuring across Europe before settling down to go to grad school. Maybe Mr. Right has dropped into her life--but if he isn't ready to stay, is she willing to go?

“The Family Legend” is the sweet and nice tale of Kelly and how love stumbles onto her doorstep, or in this case, her Irish pub.

Although the story started out a little slow, it didn't take long to kick up, and as it did my amusement grew with it.

The characters are not badly developed, although they lack, in my opinion, a little realism. Kelly, for example, is way too perfect. She can do everything: cook, sew, tend the bar, slap her ex-boyfriend without regret, and smile through it all. Her only flaw is shyness (a real problem), but that too is solved in the story in quite an erotic way-- something almost unthinkable for someone who is really shy-- not to mention the fact that we only get glimpses of her shy thoughts, and the fact that she should be really nervous on her impetuous behavior didn’t reach me.

The story has some good funny scenes, along with witty dialogue. For example, one of my favorites was the one with the grandmother. I could easily relate with having a close family member telling someone who didn’t want to hear it how wonderful a person I was…how mortifying! Finally, the author is able to describe all scenes quite well, setting me up in an Irish bar, an old fashioned home, or conveying a feeling of urgency.