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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Nightlust by Carrie Destler
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Amaranth

After Lucas Carstairs' fiancée Angelica is murdered, he embraces the dark eternity of a vampire. With immortality, he knows he'll find her again. Tormented and alone, he searches for her for over three hundred years, finally finding her in present day Los Angeles. His appearance in the city coincides with serial killer tagged The Mutilator. Who is this murderer? Lucas, Police Detective Jack Rogan or his partner Slater? Perhaps he's Allan Cooper, the intrepid reporter. Angelica is next on the killer's list, and Lucas comes face to face with the possibility of losing her all over again.

In the mid-1700’s, Angelica and Lucas fall madly in love. However, Angelica’s cruel father forbids their love. On the night that they are secretly betrothed, Angelica’s father catches them together and murders Angelica. Lucas is overwrought with grief and mourning. While holding Angelica’s cold body, he is approached by a stranger, whom he comes to know as Lord Elston.

Lord Elston offers Lucas the strength to exact revenge on Angelica’s father. In return, Lucas must devote himself to Lord Elston. Lucas accepts and Lord Elston turns him into a vampire. Now, Lucas has the power to kill Angelica’s father, which he does with ferociousness.

Lucas searches for Angelica for over 300 years and, finally, he finds her, reincarnated. Angelica feels an instant attraction to Lucas and feels like she already knows him, although she knows that she has never met him. After she falls in love with Lucas, he reveals everything to her. Can Angelica still love Lucas when she learns that he is a vampire? Will they be able to survive the attack from the serial killer, The Mutilator?

“Nightlust” by Carrie Destler was a short, enjoyable read. The plot was simple and well thought out and moved at a fast pace. The characters were likeable, though I felt that I did not get to know them as well as I could have. The writing was neat, but I did find several misplaced commas. If this book were just a little longer, to give a little more information to the reader, I felt that it would be much better. That being said, I enjoyed this book and I do recommend it to anyone who enjoys hot paranormal romance, but is looking for a quick read.