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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Man Not Her Own

A Man Not Her Own by Sharon Lanergan
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Hibiscus

Nicholas Fitzroy has problems. The castle treasury is bare. His brothers are acting as brigands and attacking travelers on the road for coins. His family's sworn enemy has abducted the woman he was to marry, and his nephew has disappeared. But his biggest problem is Marion Montrose - his nephew's betrothed. With his nephew missing and his estate in serious need of her coin - Nicholas can think of only one solution to the problem of Marion Montrose. Marry her himself.

This is a riveting story of the Fitzroy family. There are four living brothers and the oldest deceased brother's son. The family falls on hard times all due to the evil Loutrant. He has personal grudges against the family and ransom's family members and friends causing addition hardships to the Fitzroy family. The story is believable given the time period it takes place in. The situations that happen in the story can happen and helped develop the background story. The main story involving Marion and Nicholas is a lovingly told romance of two strangers who are forced to marry.

I enjoyed how the romance developed between Marion and Nicholas. Marion loved Nicholas from the start, which was hilarious. Imagine going by a group of men and asking who is Trevor and they all point at each other. The romance heated up quickly and grew each time they touched. I could see the awareness as I read and kept wanting them to give in. When they finally did, the flames in the hearth were not the only ones in the bedroom.

There are many secondary characters: ladies maids, nurses, men at arms, parents, prisoners, and even the king who add to the storyline and keep it moving. Telford and Stephen, two of Nicholas' brothers, were a delight to read about. I loved the dialogues Ms. Lanergan wrote between the brothers and Marion. The way they danced verbally around Marion's questions was too funny.

When things really get rolling toward the end, everything moves very quickly. There are a few issues that I would have liked to have seen the resolution to but I can understand that I was left hanging on some points if there is to be a sequel in this family's story. All in all, a nice book for a weekend feel good read.