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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Love That Lasts

A Love That Lasts by Melanie Rutan
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 Books
Review by Camellia

Can returning to Ireland find Maggie’s lost love, or will she find a nightmare she would rather forget?

Maggie Calllahan and Gideon O’Rourke find themselves in a storm of emotional and dangerous happenings when they meet again after being separated for ten years. Theirs proves to be a love that endures against tremendous odds. It is indeed A Love That Lasts.

Author Melanie Rutan catapults these two highly successful, in-control professionals into a whirlpool of trouble that keeps the reader turning pages eager to learn how this hero and heroine survive and resolve the multitude of problems that beset them. When Maggie lets her guard down and finds herself in a desperate situation, the anxiety level accelerates the heart rate for a time.

Coincidences propel the story at times but never enough to kill the desire to find out what happens next – and a lot does happen. Amid hate, jealousy, cruelty, revenge, despair, madness, and fear; family love and friendship help Maggie and Gideon to reaffirm their love that bloomed ten years earlier but had never realized a happy-ever-after.

The secondary characters, bad guys and good guys, come alive in the subplots adding both sadness and joy to the stories within the story along with intrigue.

A Love That Lasts is a sensual love story that has all the elements we enjoy as the characters navigate a lot of twists and turns to get to a happy-ever-after. It is a joy to read.