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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Trouble by Mary Lou George
Publisher: BookStrand
Genre: Contemporary; Paranormal; Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Cherry Blossom

Gillian Watson wakes from a coma with a hazy memory and a powerful, yet unpredictable gift. In order to recover, she moves to the enchanting little New England town of New Crescent where she’s welcomed by everyone. Everyone that is, except the much admired sheriff, Travis Sinclair.

Travis knows in his gut that Gillian’s arrival heralds trouble for his beloved town, but there’s a searing chemical reaction between them that he’s powerless to resist. He can’t seem to stay away from her. When a brutal serial rapist strikes, Gillian uses her uncanny ability to help Travis solve the crimes. She finds herself intimately involved with the investigation and the sexy sheriff.

Will her unique perspective on the crimes make her the rapist’s next victim? And what’s it all got to do with her own mysterious past? Will she ever remember those lost hours? Should she want to?

Emerging from a coma with missing memories is unsettling enough, but Gillian Watson suddenly finds herself burdened by the ability to read the thoughts and feelings of people around her. To assimilate her new power, she leaves the city and finds refuge in New Crescent, only to discover that the small town, as welcoming as it is, is even stranger than her own new ability.

Sheriff Travis Sinclair knows from the moment Gillian arrives in town that trouble follows her. After all, he's descended from one of the Old Families, the founders of the town, and even though the gifts are strongest in the women, he isn't completely devoid of the New Crescent sensitivity. Something has been threatening the town for a long time, and with Gillian's appearance on the scene, it unleashes its evil, and Travis can feel it.

In Trouble, Mary Lou George introduces the reader into the quirky and welcoming town of New Crescent, with its unusual history and exceptional way of life. Gillian will need to master her power to solve the crimes suddenly plaguing the peaceful town, but in doing so, she will take a place she never expected in the old community. As Gillian and Travis grow closer, the reader will inevitably fall in love with New Crescent and wish it were a real place, as wonderfully magical as the dollhouse-like house on the cliff Gillian purchases on her first day in New Crescent. In that detail alone, Mary Lou George manages to sum up the longing we all have for the perfect home. But the dark threat hanging over the heroes, and the uncertainties of the reality which the author weaves into her tale, allows the author to maintain the fragile balance of magical realism throughout the book, without ever tilting either into the artificiality of a fairy tale, or into the grittiness of stark suspense.

Instead, we meet an array of quirky, colorful characters, brightly painted surroundings, and discover a fascinating history. We fall in love with Gillian and Travis; we wish we could pick up an atlas and search for New Crescent if we only knew what the “city” nearby was...

Books 2 and 3 of the New Crescent series have already been announced, and I'm looking forward to their publication. The secondary characters in Trouble promise to deliver thrilling tales of their own, and there's certainly more of New Crescent to be discovered.