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Friday, August 8, 2008

Scandalous by Night

Scandalous by Night by Barbara Pierce
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Rose

Even among that band of rakes known as les sauvages nobles, Lord Everod’s reputation is truly wicked. Countless willing partners have enjoyed his sensual prowess, but now one lovely innocent has his undivided attention. The alluring Miss Maura Keighly once lost Everod his family’s regard, and almost cost him his life. And no vengeance could be sweeter than the delicious seduction he has planned…


Maura is on the verge of marrying another. Yet no sooner has she set foot among the ton than Everod makes himself known, tempting and taunting her by word and deed, filling her days and nights with illicit longing. His wanton invitation is plain, yet Maura’s passionate response blindsides them both. For the first time, Everod feels something more potent than lust. Simple surrender will never be enough; Everod must possess Maura completely. But the past cannot be so easily forgotten—and some desires are even more dangerous than revenge…

Scandalous by Night is the newest book in the series dealing with les sauvages nobles and is no less thrilling and sensual as her other books in the series. Lord Everod is the dark, dangerous man readers of Regency romance dearly love. A man with a family history he prefers not to talk about. After all, who wants to admit his own father tried to kill him?

Maura Keighly, the woman he hold responsible for the loss of his family, has entered into his domain. And, despite all his friends’ warnings, Everod is determined to exact his revenge.

Even though Everod is determined to ruin an innocent, the reader can’t help but be drawn into his pain...the pain of betrayal, the pain of losing everything he once loved. At the same time, though, Maura is the kind of character every woman wants to be. Strong, resilient, and very sensual, she realizes she was used as a pawn by people she loves and is determined to stand her own ground.

Barbara Pierce brings the Regency to life in this story and lights up the passions of the reader just as she does the passions of Everod and Maura. When the climax came, I truly wasn’t sure how Ms. Pierce was going to get Everod and Maura together. Rest assured, the HEA she has planned for this pair is worth all the heart-racing moments at the end while you travel along with Everod and Maura toward their final destination.