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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot on His Heels

Hot on His Heels by Isabel Sharpe
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Your eyes meet...instant chemistry! That's a manhunting moment, and the chase is on...
When Tracy Richards ran into a drop-dead gorgeous stranger on the beach, just locking eyes with him had her relearning the subject of chemistry. Her friends insisted she track this guy down, and The Manhunters club was born!

Paul Sanders, the intended, had his own agenda, though, and the luscious Tracy was a dangerously determined distraction. But she was hot on his heels, and for the life of him he couldn't deny that she was the sexist distraction he'd ever faced! He could run, but he couldn't hide his ...excitement.

Have you ever read a book where each page you turn touches you in that spot that recognizes a kindred spirit, a perfect moment? A book where the author gets it right every time? Hot on His Heels did that for me.

I kept waiting for a boring cliché, a moment of forced angst, a word or scene that didn’t quite fit the plot or the characters and it never happened. I kept thinking: this is fun, this is just right, this is clever or this is so sweet –but never so sweet my teeth ached.

Tracy Richards has a chip on her shoulder; she wears rose colored glasses about her past because she’s afraid to accept the future. She’s cute too. Her friends are a great combination of personalities and she shines because of them. Or in spite of them.

Paul Sanders has a chip on his shoulder too but he’s not unrealistic about it. He’s just not recognizing the sheer scope of it. He has a smaller circle of friends and one in particular, Dave, who is a friendly pain who schemes on behalf of Paul’s happiness.

Dave has a spotlight moment that ratcheted up the “happy” meter and I ended up smiling with a goofy grin. He’s too adorable for words.

There are no bad guys in this story, only bad misinterpretations, typical human folly and misguided intentions that backfire because they don’t know each other that well. The conflict is very easy to relate to because we do it too, though not on the grand scope as in this story.

As with any good Harlequin Temptation, when Tracy and Paul get together, they are very compatible in and under and over the sheets. And for some scenes, when they refer to their sexual antics in another place in the book, I got the giggles.

I got a kick out of Ms. Sharpe’s phraseology, for example, “The Undignified Dance of the Very Very Joyous”. I enjoyed the author’s clever turn of phrase and most of them left me chuckling.

If you are looking for a book that can make you happy, light-hearted, laugh and sigh in romantic satisfaction, then put Hot on His Heels on your TBR list, or To Buy ASAP list – it’s well worth it.