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Friday, June 13, 2008

Seranade the Moon

Serenade the Moon by Jocelyn Saint James
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 3.5
Reviewed by Magnolia

Jade Novak, a beautiful gypsy fortuneteller, is longing to escape the burden of her past indiscretions and flee from an arranged marriage.

Danny O'Brien, a magazine editor, is torn between his career and a doomed engagement.

Destiny brought them together, but are they strong enough to battle tradition, family, and greed?

A moonlight serenade holds the answer.

"Serenade the Moon" is a sweet love story of two people that are meant to be together. Danny and Jade meet one night while Alex is taking pictures and know they are soul mates. Knowing you are soul mates and actually making it happen can be entirely different things. Danny and Jade have their share of road blocks before achieving the happily ever after.

Danny, the hero, is a likable guy. Ms. Saint James fully develops his character. The reader will understand his motives for the poor decisions he had made and admire his grit when he seeks to do the right thing regardless of the cost. There is nothing he is not willing to give up to be with Jade ~ his actions prove these are not just mere words. Danny goes to great lengths to try to achieve his future with Jade, only to be shot down after every effort.

The character of Jade was disappointing. Now I don’t think every heroine needs to be a ‘wonder woman.’ I enjoy female heroines that tend to be a little more mild. But Jade’s character lacked any backbone until the every end. Now I understand the reason for this to some degree. But when she was willing to sacrifice her little boy’s happiness to please her father, she lost me.

The characters of Leo, Alex, Tiffany, Hank, and Stefan add rich detail to the story. Alex, Danny’s best friend and confident, helps the reader understand Danny even more. Tiffany is the mirror Danny is afraid to look at. She is petty and totally driven by money, exactly what Danny has become. Leo, Jade’s father, is the one of the major road blocks to Danny and Jade’s relationship. Leo desire to preserve the gypsy lifestyle, drives him to make some unwise choices. While some may consider the character of Leo as a ‘bad guy,’ I thought through Ms. Saint James skilled writing his motives were understandable and I actually never did dislike the guy. Now the character of Stefan is clearly a bad guy. How the character of Stefan was portrayed is one of the reasons I only gave the book a 3.5 rating. He was always depicted in a negative way, I wondered as the reader how could Leo be so blind to this?

"Serenade the Moon" has a well-developed plot with plenty of hurdles for Danny and Jade. The pace is even keeping the reader’s attention. At each hurdle the reader is sure this is when Jade will make her stand. "Serenade the Moon" make a light summer read for those quieter moments.