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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Review: To Deceive Is To Love

To Deceive is to Love
by Lynne King

A pilot who performs daring flights for the Swift Flying Circus, Chantelle Duvall is used to taking risks. And the enigmatic David Bishop, her partner’s brother, is a risk she can’t resist. But as things heat up between them, Chantelle learns David isn’t who he seems.

Undercover counterterrorism agent David Bishop relies on secrets and lies to keep him alive. With his final mission underway, a mission to expose a double agent who’s closer than David ever suspected, love is a weakness he can’t afford.

On both England and France’s soil, Chantelle and David will discover a passion greater than they’ve ever known, but with one more betrayal still to come, will it be enough?

I liked this story enough to read it twice. It has the things that I like. The story is about planes, intrigue, adventure, excitement, terrorism and counter terrorism. Those things are all my favorites to read for pleasure. The plot pace is fast, something else I really enjoy. Sexual tension and fulfillment run throughout the story. Nothing steamy but you can feel the currents and relate to them. It’s the sort of thing that gives you pleasant tingles. And the ending…well, you’ll have to read that for yourself.

The main characters are believable, Chantelle Duvell and her on again off again relationship with David Bishop, are easy to like and you’ll find yourself rooting for them to settle down together. There are other important people in the story too. The descriptions of each character are so good that you not have any trouble being able to picture them in your mind’s eye. That’s something that takes a talented writer to present to you. The seamless quality of the story line that moves you through events is the mark of an outstanding author. I especially appreciate that she mixes conversation with description. Again an experienced author and it shows.

Action, adventure, danger, true love all gain this story a 4.5 from me!

Review by Verbena